Friday, September 30, 2011

ya patsy!

tonight husband & i had plans to catch a movie at
union square...until we remembered that the
byu/utah state game was happening! 
& we just didn't have the heart to knowingly miss a cougars game.
especially when it comes through so loud & 
clear on that beloved television we have.
so we went to dinner instead, eating early
enough that we could come home & catch most
of the game.

tonight we tried out patsy's, just a delightful 
pizzeria on 74th & columbus. the pizza was
AMAZING, & we decided we'll definitely
be having to try patsy's again, if for no other
reason than to try out another topping combination.
tonight we decided on pepperoni & ricotta:

waiting to be seated...

& leftovers to bring home
(i'm always like, "eh, take-home box,"
but a couple hours later or the next day
when i open the fridge & see that
box it's "YESSSS" all the way)

after dinner we decided to finally
try out cute little pinkberry (there's one right 
by our house & we always pass it & say
"should we...?" & then don't. so we
passed one tonight & finally DID.)
our reaction: delicious. but a bit expensive
(darn those low provo prices we just
keep comparing everything to!)
so we decided to share a small.
which was a surprisingly perfect amount!

hope you all had a great friday night! &
so, SO excited about general conference
over the next two days. it always comes
right when i really, really need it.



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