Monday, October 31, 2011


so i haven't given a congratulatory shout-out yet to my little sister hannah's recent engagement to future-brother-in-law tyler (& a shout-out to random photo bomber in the background!...well, he's probably not that random. probably a roommate or something)!

so excited for these two. being engaged is a blast but, like, kinda sucks, too? being married is even better. come quick, december wedding!

rufus wainwright facts.

did you know rufus wainwright 
has written an opera?
he has. it's called prima donna.
on his newest cd all days are nights:
songs for lulu he put music to
several shakespeare sonnets.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween party.

today we went to our church halloween party.
husband & i were in charge of the fishing booth,
so of course we had to dress up to give the
kiddies a good show...& not have enough
time to take a lot of pictures!

mr. navy man & his dutiful
1950s wife back home!

something funny about halloween
for me is that my costumes are always
clothes i already have in my closet.

& yeah, 1950s hair?
i pretty much failed at it.
i was going for something like this:

{*shaking fists at the heavens* how 
do you do your hair, elusive 1950s girl????}

...& it ended up a
liiiitttlle more like this:

ah well. maybe next year
you'll look better, hair.
{& yes, you did just witness
me having a conservation
with my hair.}

in conclusion, i feel like boy 
costumes are always easier. discuss.

our new friend.

we were walking home in the freezing 
cold friday night
when husband spotted this little
abandoned guy on the sidewalk!
good eye, husband. good eye.

all he wanted was a little love.
we're proud to announce that he found 
himself a safe & warm home outside our 
front door.

happy {upcoming} halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

oh my man i love him so.

do you ever give the people in your life a theme song?
like, when they cross your mind sometimes there's
just a song that seems to be playing in the background?

lately whenever i think of husband [which is a lot, 
believe it or not] this song just winds & winds 
through my mind. it's interesting, because if you
really listen to the lyrics, the song does not 100%
describe us [take, for example, the very beginning
of the song, where babs sings, "he'll never know"
how much he loves her. but that be untrue, 
because husband, everybody & 
their grandma {& by that i mean the 4 people 
who read this blog} know that i'm crazy
about that fool]. 

perhaps i love this song because
she sings it so passionately. perhaps i love 
this song because of where it comes within
the musical, after he gets out of jail, &
their marriage dissolves
& he leaves her but she still loves him so
much & after she sings this the screen goes
dark & the movie is over. perhaps i love this 
song because of how vulnerable she sounds,
especially at the beginning. perhaps i love
this song because she's wearing black which 
blends into the background & i like that. 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i consider it a travesty that i have not really
talked about my love for this man on

the one. the only. 
he's definitely been cracking the top ten, if not 
top five, list of my favorite musicians/bands 
of all time for a while now.
his voice!
that look!
that hair in the picture above!
his songwriting [elton john {yes, the elton
john} calls him "the greatest songwriter
on the planet." talk about a compliment]!
with rufus, it all comes together in 
one great package.

& now comes the best news of all:
husband & i are going to see him at
the lincoln center in less than a month!
we are beyond excited.
you know how on facebook there are
all those ads on the right hand side that
are always all creepily tailored to your exact
hobbies, interests, location, etc?
well. facebook found success this one
time...with yours truly. an ad for rufus'
upcoming concert popped up, & husband 
& i had our tickets booked quicker
than you can say "bob's your uncle."


as a tribute/countdown/get excited for the big
R.W.'s upcoming show, i will be posting
rufus wainwright facts, pictures, & songs
completely at my leisure & whim up until the show.
 so be sure & check back regularly. because
with you? me. me? you. as your 8th favorite blog, 
you never know
when more rufus is gonna come at you
[figuratively speaking, of course.].

to really kick things off, let's go with rufus'
most popular ditty, mainstream-wise 
(i know because when i was
typing "rufus wainwright" in to youtube, i only
got to "rufus wa--" before this song showed up).
it's a cover of leonard
cohen's ubiquitous-for-a-reason 
"hallelujah" which was featured in shrek.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

surprise surprise!

i love how after church today i heard
my name called out...& i turned
around...& suddenly saw a slew of good old 
college friends! & not just any college friends,
mind you...these girls were some of my 
besties for years! & they just suddenly showed 
up! in my church building! needless to say,
it was kind of one of the most surreal
experiences of my LIFE suddenly seeing
them all.

[this picture is minus cara's sister 
janessa, who also came. cara is on the far right]

but anyways, how great are these girls?!
they're here in nyc visiting amanda & her husband will & to meet 
 their new baby girl. it was SO FUN to see them & to 
finally meet amanda's sweet new little one!

[& sheesh, if i had known we were going to be 
taking pictures of such a momentous occasion 
today, i PROBABLY would have taken longer than
 47 seconds on my hair. but whatever.]

it's certainly been a long road for all of us since
the wild heyday that was our freshman year at byu
 back in--eek! oldies--2005. we've all done our 
different things & lived our different lives, 
but i love that we're all still friends, as they say,
 through thick & thin, through good hair
days & my case.......bad ones. :)

church funnies.

not much is better than a quick dinner in a back room of the church building on a saturday night after stake conference, all while being serenaded from the nearby piano (if you consider husband playing & re-playing what he has memorized so far of this passionate tune a "serenade"!).

all of this, of course, was to help emotionally & mentally prepare us to head on over to best buy to purchase really expensive screen protectors & covers for our new phones [seriously, do they really need to be that expensive?!]!...thanks, best buy. you know we absolutely love shopping trips that cost more than $50 a pop!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

a friday night.

on friday i finished up my writing/editing job &
was taking some time to walk through west village
towards the subway. the sun had just set
& when you passed the open windows 
of restaurants you felt a magical feeling coming
from inside, of live jazz bands just starting
up their sets & people loud with waiting-for-
their-food, the-night-is-young excitement.
& i remembered again how crazy it is that we
call this place home! it would have been great
to stick around down there a few more hours 
to explore the quirky shops & generally
bask in the pleasantly relaxed atmosphere of
west village. that would have been a great
friday night. BUT. instead.
i wanted to get home to my man!

we had a reunion on 96th (it had been such a long
day for both of us!) that went something like this:

we hit up our first redbox in new york city
(what can i say? we had an arrested development
marathon that took a couple of weeks, & then 
we felt like we needed to watch all the $5 movies
we bought that one time at target before we rented
anything new) that went something like this:

& then a quick dinner at koronet's
(where i maybe was feeling ugly &
not really down for a picture) 
that went something like this:

& then it was on home to eat some bite size
butterfingers & watch "the conspirator."
& that, my friends, was a great friday night.

Friday, October 21, 2011

a new book.

has this been around for a while,
& i only just heard about it now?
(published in 2009? yeah. i'd say
this book has been around a while).

at any rate,
count me in (maybe not count me in to buy this,
necessarily, but more like count me in on thinking
a sartorialist book is a pretty great idea)!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the bodega chronicles.






*all of these pictures were taken at a
single store, at one time, & no two
pictures overlap each other. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

long days. five guys.

husband knows me well.
really, really well.

today was a long day of work 
down in soho that could technically
be noho{who knew that place existed?}
(which, side note, yay for temp jobs that 
are FINALLY coming my way! & hopefully 
will pull a temp-to-perm switcharoo on me! 
& for chic work places where everyone 
dresses really great & gives me lots of 
fashion ideas every day!) immediately
followed by a few hours doing this great
writing/tutoring job i have on the side.
& i knew i couldn't face myself in the
mirror ever again if i didn't put in at
least a good half-hour of exercise.
so i also had that not to look forward to.
i was getting even more exhausted just
thinking about it all.

by the time i called husband to say
i was done with everything & coming
home it was almost 9! pm. i was 
trying to be a good sport & sound
not-tired, but one of the first things
husband asked was, "how about
five guys tonight?"

i love watching what husband
does when i spring the camera
on him mid-chew.

oh man. creepily SO excited for 
them to call our number.

the slow edging forward.
you know how it is in public.

having five guys. & THANK YOU FIVE
GUYS for being so, so good every time.
& THANK YOU NEW YORK again, this time for
having the calories of every single item on the
menu posted right on the menu for us to
see clear as day when we order.
so we can know just EXACTLY how
many calories we're eating.

all in all,
yeah, i guess you could say husband
knows exactly what hits the spot for his
7th favorite blogger..................
either that, or he just happened to scroll 
through his 7th favorite blog & read about my 
great love for hamburgers here, or here
or maybe even here.  

Sunday, October 16, 2011

gimme mo' moma.

this weekend we hit up the surprisingly not-all-
that-crowded museum of modern art
{how about those free admission friday nights!}
& you know us! big museum lovers.
case in point: we only covered one floor 
of the museum in the hours we were there...!
which begs the question of why.
does the museum have a really spacious layout?
or do we just walk really slowly?
do we try & internalize every piece of art we see?
or is it all on account of our poor eyesight?
jury's still out on this one, folks, but
one verdict i can make clear is that
we're thinking of just making it a series
of friday night dates over the next few
weeks. & just take it one floor at a time.

needless to say, if you're looking to have an
amazing aesthetic & free experience on a friday
night & you've ALREADY risen to such cultural
heights as m&m's worldmoma will get the job done.

{we've seen so much picasso in the museums we've been
to lately it's kind of starting to become almost...
normal. expected. you know? like,
"you mean you don't have any original picasso here......?"}

oh, you know, this one kind of looks familiar.
dali's "the persistence of time."

picasso's "the studio"... well as his "three musicians."
sorry i'm kind of in the way. in
hindsight, i guess we could 
have planned that better.

(at this point i'm supposed to clarify
that in the picture below, husband is
holding my bag.)
"the pear and the wasp." cool colors, 
slightly creepy, & pretty dang aptly named.

monet's "water lilies." this picture shows
only a portion of the entire ROOM "water lilies" 
paintings had all to themselves. if someone, 
somewhere, held a little get-together to host
all the people in the history of the world
who could be considered experts of light &
color, well...claude monet would be invited to that party.

mondrian's "broadway boogie 
woogie." also aptly named.

& of course gift shop fun. 

thanks, moma! 
we'll be in touch.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

keys'd to meet you!

we are SO excited to introduce you four lucky
readers to the newest addition to our family!


meet this new little nugget! so happy!
he's (or is it a she? still deciding it
even matters [it doesn't]) a great, lightweight gem
that's found a nice home in our hearts front room.

while it is digital, we definitely took our time to pick
out one that had that exact same heavy, piano-key
touch that any non-digital pianoforte has.
and the sound quality! is perfect!

your 7th favorite blogger
taking him/her on his/her maiden voyage...

...& husband too:
(i tried to first find an intense photo
of the phantom of the opera passionately
playing the organ to post, but i couldn't. so.
onward & upward.)

please note that photo of billy joel,
gracing us with his photographic
presence above the piano.
inspiring & helping.

this little baby is clean, easy to take care of,
won't fuss, & came with not only a surprisingly 
large booklet of music to play...

...but also capability to plug in a great 
set of  futuristic headphones!... when we play we won't bug 
our hundreds of neighbors!

yep. this new little guy/girl piano will do juuuuust fine.


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