Sunday, October 9, 2011

about how we live in nyc & explore things.

husband & i were already out & about this
afternoon (at occupy wall street, of course!)
& decided to just keep walking & see what
else we could bump into. which was nice,
because here in the cit...there's lots to 
bump into.

like the bowling green bull (which, yes,
i took a picture of someone else posing 
in front of it)

oh tiffany & co. just lots of smiles there:

okay, so wall street is actually kind of intimidating
it's just all really tall & quiet, blocked-off & intense.

okay, and then.
we came to m&m's world.

 just a really tall (but not in a scary wall-street 
way) smack-dab-in-the-center-of-the-city
adventure with three stories of m&m's fun.
it took us about three seconds of staring
at the bright store lights shining in the
darkness before we were completely sold.
plus, the atmosphere inside was so
electric & contagious that, well....if
we seem a little giddy in these pictures,
hopefully you'll know why.

german m&ms...

...& chinese m&m's. i have an extra special love
for m&m's because, during my 18 months
in taiwan, whenever i desperately wanted some
chocolate but was always met with nothing but those
bitter, really weak-flavored chocolate bars (...yeah,
the taiwanese aren't huge fans of chocolate),
those little bags of m&m's they sold in the local
7-11s really, really pulled me through.

no, they had everything m&m you'd ever want.
statue of liberty m&m's (ruined by an awkward
pose by yours truly? maybe),

m&m-filled champagne bottles,

candy of the opera?!? YES.

self-serve m&m wall on the second floor
(this picture captures on a third of the entire wall!),

m&m stuffed animals,

m&m's arranged to look like pumpkins,

m&m magnets,

& a giant john travolta m&m,
well, it was all just a dream come true.

& speaking of dreams come true,
right next door to m&m's world
was hershey's world. with things
like an entire reeses WALL:

& HUGE hershey's bars & 
chocolate syrup piggy banks.

moral of the story, folks, is that if
you ever come visit
 us, we will take you to these places.

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