Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i'm almost reluctant to share photos
of some of the food that gets made
around these parts, because, good
heavens, i wouldn't want anyone
thinking i'm turning into some sort
of domestic goddess or anything.
however, husband & i do have a
really fun time staying in & cooking
dinner for two almost every night.

yummy & simple pita bread, apples,
carrot sticks & mozzarella with hummus.
hummus..........so good.

oh my goodness, barbecue chicken pizza.
if there's a boy you want to impress, make
him some of this. after every bite (i'm serious.
every single bite.) husband just kept saying
"this is SO. GOOD." while looking at me
in near disbelief.

blueberry pancake breakfast
before sunday's general conference
topped with applesauce is perfection!
...okay, so maybe husband
made these gems.

ah well!
just lit a vanilla candle &
now it's off to watch the
new glee episode! hope you
had a great tuesday.

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