Saturday, October 22, 2011

a friday night.

on friday i finished up my writing/editing job &
was taking some time to walk through west village
towards the subway. the sun had just set
& when you passed the open windows 
of restaurants you felt a magical feeling coming
from inside, of live jazz bands just starting
up their sets & people loud with waiting-for-
their-food, the-night-is-young excitement.
& i remembered again how crazy it is that we
call this place home! it would have been great
to stick around down there a few more hours 
to explore the quirky shops & generally
bask in the pleasantly relaxed atmosphere of
west village. that would have been a great
friday night. BUT. instead.
i wanted to get home to my man!

we had a reunion on 96th (it had been such a long
day for both of us!) that went something like this:

we hit up our first redbox in new york city
(what can i say? we had an arrested development
marathon that took a couple of weeks, & then 
we felt like we needed to watch all the $5 movies
we bought that one time at target before we rented
anything new) that went something like this:

& then a quick dinner at koronet's
(where i maybe was feeling ugly &
not really down for a picture) 
that went something like this:

& then it was on home to eat some bite size
butterfingers & watch "the conspirator."
& that, my friends, was a great friday night.

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