Sunday, October 16, 2011

gimme mo' moma.

this weekend we hit up the surprisingly not-all-
that-crowded museum of modern art
{how about those free admission friday nights!}
& you know us! big museum lovers.
case in point: we only covered one floor 
of the museum in the hours we were there...!
which begs the question of why.
does the museum have a really spacious layout?
or do we just walk really slowly?
do we try & internalize every piece of art we see?
or is it all on account of our poor eyesight?
jury's still out on this one, folks, but
one verdict i can make clear is that
we're thinking of just making it a series
of friday night dates over the next few
weeks. & just take it one floor at a time.

needless to say, if you're looking to have an
amazing aesthetic & free experience on a friday
night & you've ALREADY risen to such cultural
heights as m&m's worldmoma will get the job done.

{we've seen so much picasso in the museums we've been
to lately it's kind of starting to become almost...
normal. expected. you know? like,
"you mean you don't have any original picasso here......?"}

oh, you know, this one kind of looks familiar.
dali's "the persistence of time."

picasso's "the studio"... well as his "three musicians."
sorry i'm kind of in the way. in
hindsight, i guess we could 
have planned that better.

(at this point i'm supposed to clarify
that in the picture below, husband is
holding my bag.)
"the pear and the wasp." cool colors, 
slightly creepy, & pretty dang aptly named.

monet's "water lilies." this picture shows
only a portion of the entire ROOM "water lilies" 
paintings had all to themselves. if someone, 
somewhere, held a little get-together to host
all the people in the history of the world
who could be considered experts of light &
color, well...claude monet would be invited to that party.

mondrian's "broadway boogie 
woogie." also aptly named.

& of course gift shop fun. 

thanks, moma! 
we'll be in touch.

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