Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i consider it a travesty that i have not really
talked about my love for this man on

the one. the only. 
he's definitely been cracking the top ten, if not 
top five, list of my favorite musicians/bands 
of all time for a while now.
his voice!
that look!
that hair in the picture above!
his songwriting [elton john {yes, the elton
john} calls him "the greatest songwriter
on the planet." talk about a compliment]!
with rufus, it all comes together in 
one great package.

& now comes the best news of all:
husband & i are going to see him at
the lincoln center in less than a month!
we are beyond excited.
you know how on facebook there are
all those ads on the right hand side that
are always all creepily tailored to your exact
hobbies, interests, location, etc?
well. facebook found success this one
time...with yours truly. an ad for rufus'
upcoming concert popped up, & husband 
& i had our tickets booked quicker
than you can say "bob's your uncle."


as a tribute/countdown/get excited for the big
R.W.'s upcoming show, i will be posting
rufus wainwright facts, pictures, & songs
completely at my leisure & whim up until the show.
 so be sure & check back regularly. because
with you? me. me? you. as your 8th favorite blog, 
you never know
when more rufus is gonna come at you
[figuratively speaking, of course.].

to really kick things off, let's go with rufus'
most popular ditty, mainstream-wise 
(i know because when i was
typing "rufus wainwright" in to youtube, i only
got to "rufus wa--" before this song showed up).
it's a cover of leonard
cohen's ubiquitous-for-a-reason 
"hallelujah" which was featured in shrek.

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