Saturday, October 29, 2011

halloween party.

today we went to our church halloween party.
husband & i were in charge of the fishing booth,
so of course we had to dress up to give the
kiddies a good show...& not have enough
time to take a lot of pictures!

mr. navy man & his dutiful
1950s wife back home!

something funny about halloween
for me is that my costumes are always
clothes i already have in my closet.

& yeah, 1950s hair?
i pretty much failed at it.
i was going for something like this:

{*shaking fists at the heavens* how 
do you do your hair, elusive 1950s girl????}

...& it ended up a
liiiitttlle more like this:

ah well. maybe next year
you'll look better, hair.
{& yes, you did just witness
me having a conservation
with my hair.}

in conclusion, i feel like boy 
costumes are always easier. discuss.



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