Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a hallway with appliances.

last night we had the missionaries over for
dinner. we felt like adults, havin'
dinner guests over & all! it was really 
great to get to know them a little better.
having both served missions ourselves,
husband & i are pretty gung-ho about
all things missionary work...

...& speaking of gung-ho, that was the kind
of effort it took to make a big dinner with
the cute little amount of room we actually
have in our kitchen. you could basically
call our kitchen a hallway with appliances.
needless to say, we've been getting pretty
creative with how to use the space that
we have. the top of the fridge becomes
a great cooling area, the top of the
microwave is a space to put soon-to-
be-chopped food, & of course
our actual dining table itself plays
host to tons of different food prep
projects all going on at once.

for example. in the blue corner, weighing some-odd
pounds (actually, husband, how much do you
weigh these days? i can hardly remember. we'll talk)
is husband, doing full schnitzel prep complete with 
cutting board, raw chicken, & eggs, flour
& bread crumbs for dipping. all in the name
of schnitzel! 

in the red corner,
weighing some-odd pounds (okay. confession
time: we don't own a scale. i haven't stepped
on one in years! & it's the most liberating thing ever)
is yours truly working on brownie cupcakes 
(yep. still don't own an 8x8 pan for when we
make only one batch of brownies. i just keep
forgetting to buy one). & as you can see from
the pictures, we had some rolls, some ketchup,
some eggs going on. that whole table was

husband is kind of a schnitzel king.
it's a german dish that he ate a lot
on his mission & made even more afterwards.
it's basically breaded, flattened, fried meat 
(traditionally veal, in our case chicken)
with lots of different options for toppings.
my favorite is lemon.
yeah. it's some good schnit.

the dinner was a success!
& we did eventually get our crowded
table a little cleaned up for it. we even
took a picture of it in case no one
believed us.

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