Thursday, October 13, 2011

keys'd to meet you!

we are SO excited to introduce you four lucky
readers to the newest addition to our family!


meet this new little nugget! so happy!
he's (or is it a she? still deciding it
even matters [it doesn't]) a great, lightweight gem
that's found a nice home in our hearts front room.

while it is digital, we definitely took our time to pick
out one that had that exact same heavy, piano-key
touch that any non-digital pianoforte has.
and the sound quality! is perfect!

your 7th favorite blogger
taking him/her on his/her maiden voyage...

...& husband too:
(i tried to first find an intense photo
of the phantom of the opera passionately
playing the organ to post, but i couldn't. so.
onward & upward.)

please note that photo of billy joel,
gracing us with his photographic
presence above the piano.
inspiring & helping.

this little baby is clean, easy to take care of,
won't fuss, & came with not only a surprisingly 
large booklet of music to play...

...but also capability to plug in a great 
set of  futuristic headphones!... when we play we won't bug 
our hundreds of neighbors!

yep. this new little guy/girl piano will do juuuuust fine.

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