Tuesday, October 18, 2011

long days. five guys.

husband knows me well.
really, really well.

today was a long day of work 
down in soho that could technically
be noho{who knew that place existed?}
(which, side note, yay for temp jobs that 
are FINALLY coming my way! & hopefully 
will pull a temp-to-perm switcharoo on me! 
& for chic work places where everyone 
dresses really great & gives me lots of 
fashion ideas every day!) immediately
followed by a few hours doing this great
writing/tutoring job i have on the side.
& i knew i couldn't face myself in the
mirror ever again if i didn't put in at
least a good half-hour of exercise.
so i also had that not to look forward to.
i was getting even more exhausted just
thinking about it all.

by the time i called husband to say
i was done with everything & coming
home it was almost 9! pm. i was 
trying to be a good sport & sound
not-tired, but one of the first things
husband asked was, "how about
five guys tonight?"

i love watching what husband
does when i spring the camera
on him mid-chew.

oh man. creepily SO excited for 
them to call our number.

the slow edging forward.
you know how it is in public.

having five guys. & THANK YOU FIVE
GUYS for being so, so good every time.
& THANK YOU NEW YORK again, this time for
having the calories of every single item on the
menu posted right on the menu for us to
see clear as day when we order.
so we can know just EXACTLY how
many calories we're eating.

all in all,
yeah, i guess you could say husband
knows exactly what hits the spot for his
7th favorite blogger..................
either that, or he just happened to scroll 
through his 7th favorite blog & read about my 
great love for hamburgers here, or here
or maybe even here.  

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