Thursday, October 27, 2011

oh my man i love him so.

do you ever give the people in your life a theme song?
like, when they cross your mind sometimes there's
just a song that seems to be playing in the background?

lately whenever i think of husband [which is a lot, 
believe it or not] this song just winds & winds 
through my mind. it's interesting, because if you
really listen to the lyrics, the song does not 100%
describe us [take, for example, the very beginning
of the song, where babs sings, "he'll never know"
how much he loves her. but that be untrue, 
because husband, everybody & 
their grandma {& by that i mean the 4 people 
who read this blog} know that i'm crazy
about that fool]. 

perhaps i love this song because
she sings it so passionately. perhaps i love 
this song because of where it comes within
the musical, after he gets out of jail, &
their marriage dissolves
& he leaves her but she still loves him so
much & after she sings this the screen goes
dark & the movie is over. perhaps i love this 
song because of how vulnerable she sounds,
especially at the beginning. perhaps i love
this song because she's wearing black which 
blends into the background & i like that. 


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