Thursday, October 6, 2011

one of those days.

today was one of those days.
one of those days where i felt
really, you know, amoeba-ish
& like i had eaten too many treats 
the night before, & hated my 
outfit (oh, how often this happens) 
& generally just like a lousy bum. 
you know those kind of days 
that i'm talking about?

...still kinda feeling that way tonight,
but luckily, i had four good things
to help me through:

1. husband
(okay, so maybe that one
was a freebie).

2. a tree grows in brooklyn.
like a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie
with cream cheese frosting on book form.

3. a new project runway episode
(& how for one second husband thought 
that tonight's bird-themed episode 
meant that the designers had to 
design clothes...for the birds to wear.
could it have gotten any better?).

4. this video. muchas gracias indeed
go to little sis for reminding me the
other day on facebook that these
videos existed. i don't know about you,
but when i watch these videos i find
myself cracking up...while at the exact
 same time & with just as strong of emotion
wondering how this idea EVER got
past the drawing board:

and those, mis amigos, are what made me
feel happier tonight.


  1. i was going to post that video the other day because it makes me laugh way hard! yiyang!



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