Saturday, October 1, 2011

random kingdom come.

so for a while now i've been meaning to post
some more pictures of spain. but once i started 
walking (figuratively) down the memory lane 
of my camera i realized there were a couple
events & pictures of our lives that went undocumented
by yours truly & subsequently fell  
through the cracks...tragedy, i know.
with that being said,
i just flipped through some channels on the old tube,
found this movie that i'll have playing comfortably
in the background, & i'm-a gonna do a quick rundown
of some things that have happened in our lives recently
that i feel you five readers really need to know about.
get comfortable.

there was that time during the graduation festivities
where i just kicked off those heels & walked
in that teenser freezing stream.

& then there was that time in spain where
the reason we went there in the first place
was because
husband had this big physics conference
(the international union of crystallography,
to be exact) & we took some pictures to
record all the fun:

(that white banner up above was for the conference)

(husband's offisch name badge)

(& the big poster husband wrote & designed
& displayed & presented on!)

there was also that time in spain we ate
lamb kebabs & they became my new
favorite thing ever. just so good.

or how in spain i wore the same shirt like
every day. but i was asking for it, remember?

& how in spain there's just crazy architecture
everywhere. & when i say "crazy" i mean,
you know, life-changing. & there's also lots
of sunlight, apparently.

or how we took these photos. what a riot.
i mean honestly, how in the sam hill have 
i not shared these yet?? 

i haven't really mentioned yet how, in those
hours between first landing in madrid to
arriving in hostel were some of the worst
hours of my life. i can't speak for husband, but i'm
sure it wasn't kicks & giggles for him either.
 all of these bags between
just the two of us (there was a backpack
in there somewhere, too) over three long
subway rides & interchanges & busy
confusing spanish & it was just so. hot:

& then there was this kitty that was just sitting there all by
itself on a windowsill of this really old
house in toledo & didn't even
bat an eye when we snapped a picture.
this picture doesn't even show how tiny it was,
nor how truly serene:

husband & donny q. in toledo:

husband & his favorite instrument, a cello (or is it 
ceci n'est pas un cello?)  in segovia:

there was that time we checked out the 
madrid temple one calm sunday. 

la casa del senor! love it!

& how afterwards we went over to
el museo del prado, home to some
great names (rubens! bosch!
rembrandt! & more!). it was wonderful:

& that one time i was on columbia campus
& saw this. HILARIOUS. & kind of random,
which makes it even funnier. thing:
(look closely!)

& then a picture from when 
we lived in 
provo. i can't remember what this picture
is from, but it just sums up our feelings
about that great & special place.
dear provo, 
we loved you.
we miss you.
you gave us such
great memories.


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