Sunday, October 23, 2011

surprise surprise!

i love how after church today i heard
my name called out...& i turned
around...& suddenly saw a slew of good old 
college friends! & not just any college friends,
mind you...these girls were some of my 
besties for years! & they just suddenly showed 
up! in my church building! needless to say,
it was kind of one of the most surreal
experiences of my LIFE suddenly seeing
them all.

[this picture is minus cara's sister 
janessa, who also came. cara is on the far right]

but anyways, how great are these girls?!
they're here in nyc visiting amanda & her husband will & to meet 
 their new baby girl. it was SO FUN to see them & to 
finally meet amanda's sweet new little one!

[& sheesh, if i had known we were going to be 
taking pictures of such a momentous occasion 
today, i PROBABLY would have taken longer than
 47 seconds on my hair. but whatever.]

it's certainly been a long road for all of us since
the wild heyday that was our freshman year at byu
 back in--eek! oldies--2005. we've all done our 
different things & lived our different lives, 
but i love that we're all still friends, as they say,
 through thick & thin, through good hair
days & my case.......bad ones. :)


  1. exciting...this made me want to cry, I miss all those girls...amanda looks amazing after having a little one....everyone looks so cute! Shyaz you will have to fill me in on everything and how everyone is doing, man love you!!!

  2. alta i miss you too! shiz it was just absolutely delightful to see you. thanks for blogging this! i hope we see each other agian soon, until then i will keep reading your blog!



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