Saturday, October 8, 2011

union squared.

tonight husband & i decided to use a wedding
gift card (that we were going to use last weekend
until byu decided to play a football game, 
remember?) to a movie theater [p.s. a simply
genius wedding present idea]. i was so glad
we had the gift card york
city non-matinee movie prices? eek! anyways,
we wandered around union square a while
beforehand, which was a good idea because
that area has lots of fun stores & shops to look at.

you know, chocolate by the bald man!
totally normal.
...which actually was an amazing
roald dahl-esque wonderland
with big swirling tubs of liquid
chocolate, chocolate creations &
statues, & that amazing dark-chocolate-
almost-burnt smell. why did i not take
more pictures?

feel the (chocolate) love!

& then there was that FOUR STORY
barnes & noble! gallant bookstore lovers
though we are, i must admit that place held
 almost, almost too many books for us. 
they had a lot going on there, but definitely in 
all the right places...okay, did that sentence
feel weird to anybody else? but i digress.

moving on to photographic evidence that
there were so many floors in that joint!

a joint where i discovered (okay, again,
slightly weird sounding. sorry, you 3) great 
things like the largest chinese dictionary i have
ever seen. upon seeing said dictionary, i was
reminded again of how much i love
that language, & burst into
joyous laughter.

& in the next moment i saw a really huge
chinese dictionary which reminded me,
cruelly, of how many more words i really do
 need to learn in that danged language, & i burst
into tears.

& then i saw a cute & completely
manageable mini chinese dictionary,
& i felt that all was right again
with the world.

speaking of all being right with the world:


& finally. the one book i'll need
to understand everything about
what husband has studied, is
studying, & will continue to study,
scholastically, that is:

speaking of studying, husband did
a little whilst in barnes & noble:

later, we saw this movie,

& loved it. a real fun flick that restores
a lot, i mean a lot, of faith in brad pitt's
acting abilities (if you had ever lost any
in the first place, that is). very much worth it!
if you either a) live in nyc but have a
wedding gift card or b) live somewhere,
anywhere, outside of nyc that i'm sure
has even just slightly cheaper prices.

a few other pictures from the night:

these 2 nice people sweetly listening
to the brass duet in the underground

can you spot the square in the pictures above
& below?

oh! & how we went to dunkin donuts
to buy a pumpkin donut & apple cider to share
 & they ended up giving us FOUR MORE donuts
for FREE because, we conjectured/assumed,
we came in five minutes before they closed.

heavy bag of donuts:

our night ended with another ride home on
what might be termed our 2nd home here
in new york (the 1 train)
with this treasure of an
image right next to our heads:

good night!

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