Saturday, October 8, 2011

when we occupy-d wall street.

something about living in new york city is
that when you watch the news & hear about
the many things happening...a lot of it happens
not very far from where you live. 
so, on that note...occupy wall street.

kind of a big deal.
not super familiar with it?
check out some basics here.
some info from the protesters themselves.
lots of articles about it here.
or how it's spreading all over the nation.
husband & i have been following it
on the news for a while now, & so, 
seeing as how we kind of have a penchant
we decided to head down there to check out
the spectacle. we had read about it a
lot, but no news articles ever had
enough pictures of it, which was something i really
wanted to see. so we went ourselves!
& took our own pictures.

it didn't take long, no, not long at all,
 after getting off the subway before 
we heard lots & lots of drums being played
(which always kind of has an eerie feeling,
i think, if you hear drums but can't see
where they actually are)
...& that's when we knew we were close.
occupy wall street took up an entire city park--
zuccotti park, to be exact--& WOW,
was there a lot to see. we spent
a lot of time exploring & snapping photos,
 winding our way through the the taped-off
walkway, stepping over bodies & 
sleeping bags & cardboard signs & 
inhaling cigarette smoke (unwillingly).
but enough talk.
on to some crazy images!

the people:
(so, so many. these pictures do not
do the crowds justice.)

(can you spot the sleeping man?)

how they've set up a little
community in zuccotti:

(tupperware, silverware,
& so many other provisions:
a mini kitchen)

(pets were everywhere. so were 
generators, wi-fi hook-ups, & 

the signs:

(still not 100% sure what
this guy was trying to say with
this poster)


(this slogan, "we are the 99%," was all over)

(some of them were kind of funny)

(my personal favorite. this photo is 
just dripping with irony)

those mysterious drums we heard:

& police everywhere:

what an interesting situation. will it
change things? who knows.
i don't want to say too much more
about it than that, but i did want
to end with this thought-provok-y:

interpret it as you will. 

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  1. there are totally protesters in downtown spokane doing this too. although it is pretty small over here.



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