Wednesday, November 30, 2011

husband's question.

it's been one of those long, busy weeks
(oh it only wednesday?) &
nothing, absolutely nothing, would do
the trick but a trip to...wait for it...five
guys (where else?). tonight on the way home
(thumbs up for five guys within walking 
distance!) husband asked, "are you worried 
that your three readers are going to think 
we go to five guys all the time...?"

& while we really don't go to five guys
all the time, but only sometimes, i
figure that is a risk we're juuuust going
to have to take.

Monday, November 28, 2011

worky work.

one of the best things about being a temp {for the
time being...!} is that it takes me all over the city.
my jobs have taken me to soho! the upper
east side! madison avenue! lexington avenue!
tribeca! midtown! downtown! all over! & it's
been really interesting working at places that
have all sorts of different vibes, from wear-a-
full-suit-every-day people to 
business casual-ies who are really really nice
 to snobby fashionistas & -istos working it like 
every day is fashion week. another great thing
about jaunting off to every part of manhattan
is that i've gotten to know nyc's public
transportation well...reallllly well. express trains,
local trains, transfer points, how the internet
says your bus ride will only take 20 minutes
but in reality it takes an hour & 20 all only 
took me a matter of weeks to figure out! long story short, 
i've worked at lots of different places, but so far no 
jobbing place has stood out to me as much as the 
straight great place i worked at today. think early
twentieth-century factory revived into a chic modern
space complete with sleek white ikea tables, bright
white lights, & blingin' macs...all while still maintaining
that original factory vibe. i fell in love immediately:

the dusty white brick behind my desk:

 original distressed wood, opera-type 
seats as waiting area chairs across
from my desk:


more rugs. & that old comfy 
leather chair in the corner:

the other side of the front lobby,
with more wonderful wood seats.

the spectacular view across from my 
desk, in between the two rows of chairs:
another wondrous rug & a full-length mirror.

next to the mirror was an ancient wagon piled
with issues & issues of the new yorker,
time out new york, & stacks of coffee table books.

the kitchen housed a long (& obviously
not brand new! which is better)
wooden table & benches sitting atop the 
wonderful light wood floors. wood
on wood on wood? definitely the new black.

gosh. isn't this place just delightful?!
definitely a winning place to work. i hope they
have lots & lots of success in all their
business endeavors, just because they 
decorated their place that well.



Sunday, November 27, 2011


it feels really nice being back in the city again.
it's really starting to feel like home.


hope you had a great weekend! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a boston thxgiving.

husband & i returned earlier today from
boston, where we had the BEST TIME.
our thanksgiving dinner was a dream. i am
officially in awe of christine for pulling it all
off so smoothly. it was great visiting with 
brigham & christine & wrasslin' around 
with their 3 little ones! on friday they took us 
on a marvelous tour of boston. the weather
was GLORIOUS & sunny & boston is
just magical. that place is just bursting with
history--everywhere we looked was home
to some sort of historically significant 
site pretty or other! check out some pictures:

hearts on dark green shutters? hooray!

ye olde skyline.

brick is EVERYWHERE in boston. 
it made everything look so wonderfully
chic & antique at the same time.
("chic & antique"! that should be a
band name...or something.)

five little pumpkins.

i'm telling you, it was all about the brick
& the window shutters!

a wall of ivy.

i was obsessed with lots & lots 
of brightly colored doors.

just paul revere's grave.

HUUUUGE christmas tree.

boston harbor: tea anyone?

the old north church. there were
so many gorgeous treeeeeees.

little italy. feel free to call it littaly.

we were so happy to take the time to
remember & celebrate all the many
things we have to be grateful for.
husband & i truly feel very amazed 
when we think of all the
wonderful ways we have been blessed.
...& now let the time fly to christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


so i've never really quite understood the whole
zombie craze in books, tv shows, & movies
 that has been going on for what feels like forever,
but once i caught whiff of these photos, i feel
pretty okay about possibly reconsidering maybe
 jumping on board the zombie bus.

PHOTO SESSION. which makes all of it just
so, SO much better. if i could go back & re-do
engagement photos, i might possibly consider
maybe throwing in a couple shots like the ones
you're about to see. 

aren't they just to die for? pun intended? & then having
the wedding announcement text written in the white
blank sky about the shovel in this last photo on the right?
what a fun & hilarious idea. bravo, future bride & groom.

get to know me ABC's.

age: 22. just kidding. 24.

bed size: full. the husb & i like to keep it real cozy.

chore you hate: cleaning hair out of any kind of drain! ick.

dogs: i've actually never owned a dog, but when i
see all the rich new york ladies carrying around
these lovers in their purses, my heart kind of
breaks a little because they're so cute.

essential start of your day: husband helping me wake 
up! the earlier the hour, the harder it is for me to get up,
so every day sometimes husband literally has to pull 
me out of bed. it's a true story. i'm just totally in last
place when it comes to waking up in the morning,

favorite color: gaaahhhhh, why do you have to ask
me questions like this? okay. let me think. sour apple
green, mustard yellow, throw in some olive green,
a nice deep red, pale pink, mint green, a pretty light
sky blue, some dark orange...uhhh, mix them all 
together & you'd have my favorite color?

gold or silver: GOOD QUESTION. when backed up against a wall, i'd have to say gold.

height: 5'10"

instruments I play: piano & organ! i also dabble in recorder.

job title: currently? the temp of your dreams.

kids: none right now...get back to us in a few decades years!

live: nyc: smack dab in between the upper west side & harlem.

mom's name: this one is SO random to me. rene.

nickname: shay, shayla-who, sheaz (pronounced "shee-azzz"), shiz.

overnight hospital stays: i've come close a few times, like the
time i had a concussion, or the time i had a head-on
collision with a motorcycle & they thought i had a concussion.
but in the end, i'm sorry happy to say, no.

pet peeve: slow walkers. greasy hair (even & especially
when i have it!). hearing people swallow.
chewing gum really loudly. ABC questionnaries (i mean,
how boring are those things, right!?!).

quote from a movie: oh no. noooo. this one is TOO HARD.
if you know me at all you know that my conversations
would fall flatter than the acting in twilight (i'm sorry, i'm sorry!
but i just had to find a way to stick this enlightening video in here
somewhere) a popped balloon if i wasn't often peppering them
with lines out of anything from "she's the man" to "help!"
to "goonies" to "you've got mail" to "the princess bride" to
"arrested development" (not a movie, but work with me here)
& on & on & on! HOWEVER, the very first one that popped in 
my head is this classic line from "what about bob" i say often:
"gimme, gimme, gimme, i NEED, i NEED!"

bahahaaaa. so good.

right or left-handed: write.

siblings: older brother. younger sister. younger brother.

time you wake up: totally depends on the day. anywhere from 7 am to probably 11, 11:30 am.

underwear: yes.

vegetables you dislike: you know, the more that i
think about it, i actually really like most vegetables!
asparagus, artichoke, carrots, broccoli...all okay
in my book! after much consideration, though, i'm
gonna hafta go with beets. not a huge fan.

what makes you run late: trying to decide what to wear! stressful.

x-rays you have had done: i had a cat scan once?
can that count? because other than that none...
i guess i could count those crazy ones they take
of your mouth & teeth at the dentists too, couldn't i?

yummy food you make: i like how
this ABC questionnaire just assumes that
all i do all day is wait around to make the next delicious meal!

...okay maybe that was an overreaction. i'm particularly fond of
these foods i make: any chicken + rice/pasta combo,
scotcheroos, spaghetti with various toppings, red velvet
cupcakes, reeses, sour patch kids, & peanut butter m&m's.

zoo animal: it might just have to be tigers!

i can't explain it, but for some reason i.......feel like i need to apologize now!


well folks...'s going to be a boston thanksgiving for us!
tonight we're heading out to boston to spend 
thanksgiving with husband's brother & family.
neither one of us has ever been to boston 
before & we're so excited!

Monday, November 21, 2011

apple {cider} of my eye.

if you firmly adhere to the no-christmas-
music-before-thanksgiving rule, or the no-
christmas-music-before-december rule, i'm
almost 100% percent sure you might not like
this post. consider yourself warned.

the other night husband & i bought
a $20 radio at target & christmas
music has been coming out of it
NONSTOP ever since. in provo we'd
listen to christmas tunes all season long
while cruisin' cruising around in the explorer
but here in nyc we have no car & 
therefore no convenient car radio to blast
christmas jams as we drove around to glamorous
places like salt lake city or smiths...soooooo we
finally figured that if the mountain won't come to
 mohammed, well, mohammed will go to the mountain!...
& buy a flippin' radio to listen to nonstop
christmas music. aaaaand.......... was the best decision of mohammed's our lives.
tonight found us sipping hot apple cider
(do i even need to say that the apple cider was
hot? does that go without saying? is there
such a thing as COLD apple cider?), quietly
reading & homework-ing, & listening to
songs such as these on 106.7 FM.
...& yes, in case you were wondering,
husband is being so patient & silent
as i make loud, sarcastic asides
about delilah's radio commentary.

have a good night!

...& in case you were wondering, this picture
was taken from husband's camera. mine is
still completely AWOL. it's not looking good, guys.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

a few gems from around the spider Web. camera may or may not be
lost forever in the lost & found at the 
metropolitan opera house {the met's
lost & found is only open weekdays
from 2-4! as in........only two hours a 
day! & not saturdays & sundays!
who does that?!?...& oh yeah, we
went to see an opera this weekend. we
took pictures. if we ever find that blasted
beloved camera, i will share those pictures
with you}.

so to keep you all from losing sleep &/or
going crazy with worry over whether 
or not we here at you? me. me? you. will
ever find our camera again, i've gathered
up a few goodies from around the Webby
Web that are sure to tide you over.

don't you love when the song you're
listening to while exercising seems to
match up perfectly with your footsteps
or movements? well anyways,
hopefully you'll still love how genius this site is! 
type in your mile time (or what you'd like your mile time
to be!) & it will come up with a huge list of songs
with just the right amount of beats per minute
to help you keep perfect tempo. 

...have you heard about this yet?!
who knew! (although if you scroll down
a bit on this site, you'll find that many
people think it's not true. but who
are they to say the person who
FIRST PLACE is wrong? discuss.)

& while i don't condone smoking at all,
i DO condone checking out these
that come in a paper cigarette box! 
wrapped in foil & everything!

paul newman & joanne woodward...such
a cute hollywood couple. that made their
marriage work for the next 50 years.

it just keeps on rollin' rolling.

& finally, a couple youtube-ies...have you seen
this craziness? maybe you have. anyways,
say what you want about kobe bryant,!:

& i was lucky enough to see this hilarious spoof
video of it my brother sent me. in a word, it's perfect.
i haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!
fast forward to about 1:50 & just let it fly.

& finally, a friend shared this video with me a few
days ago & suddenly i saw it popping up everywhere!
& decided that it MUST. BE. SHARED. with you three:

i know. priceless, right?

have a good night!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


the rufus wainwright concert is
how did it come upon us so fast?!?

"vibrate" was another rufus song i came
across early on in life. i just think it's
such a cute little song. 
have a listen. i'm 98% sure you won't regret it.

gaaahhhh. just a darling ditty,
despite the somewhat saucy video.
so excited to share with you three
faithful readers how the concert went!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

six month! anniversary! exclamation points!

as of yesterday husband & i have 
been married for six months!
time sure does fly!
husband surprised us (& when i
say "us" i mean, you know, "me")
with dinner at community, a
restaurant i've been really 
wanting to go to lately. the
food was wonderful & everyone,
their menu, & their dog made
sure to let us as consumers
know that community's food was
all organic, like their hamburgers
came from grass-fed cows 
& their salt was scraped fresh off
the bottom of the ocean floor
& their couscous had popped
out of thin air, & stuff.

if only all-organic meant
all-inexpensive. oh well.
good thing six month wedding
anniversaries ideally only come 
along once in a person's life.

it was then off to 
haagen-dazs to snatch up
midnight cookies & creme &
dark chocolate & peanut butter.
...okay & hot fudge.

me to husband: "okay, look like
you're on the cover of men's vogue."

after this picture we decided 
mayyyyybe men's vogue the magazine 
doesn't exist. but then i went home & 
googled it & i guess it does!
a fun fact to discover on a wedding

...hey! husband!
happy six-months-&-a-day anniversary.
do you want to go to community
for dinner tonight...?

Monday, November 14, 2011

caped crusader.

do you ever have the sneaking suspicion
that your significant other isn't telling 
you a huge secret about his or her life?

or that perhaps when you're sleeping at
night your significant other has snuck out
of the house to fight crime?

or sometimes when you ask your 
significant other how their afternoon was,
he/she fills you in on all the supposed "latest
details from the physics classroom,"
but you have a feeling he/she might have
been out secretly donning a black
cape instead?

...well, let me just say that your 7th favorite
blogger has been feeling that somethin's
fishy around here with husband for a while.

as in...
i think husband is batman.
the dark knight of gotham city.

my recent suspicions were only further
confirmed the day husband came home
from a quote-un-quote "physics 
conference downtown" where, upon
further investigation, i found THIS
scathing piece of evidence:

hmmm....innnnnnnnnteresting, husband.
verrrryyy interesting.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

cello spontaneity.

so ever since our move to new york, husband's cello has been up near rochester with his aunt & uncle
(who were able to drive the cello out east after being in utah for the family much better than
trying to cart that instrument on an airplane!). we've been hemming & hawing about how to get the cello from rochester to manhattan--fly? take the train? the bus? accio cello?--but on saturday afternoon (literally over our second helpings at this) we just up & decided to rush home, rent a car, & drive to upstate new york RIGHT THEN. the next hour was a flurry of rushing home, changing, packing up a few car-trip necessities, calling through every rental car joint in manhattan to find the best price, & rushing off to catch the bus to the airport where our little car was waiting.

about an hour & a half later we were passing through brooklyn on I-80 heading north & still marveling at the spontaneity of it all.

three & one half hours later we pulled up at the cracker barrel in binghamton, ny, where we had planned to meet up with aunt janet & that blasted blessed cello. while aunt j was still on her way, we unabashedly ordered some of that good country cookin' cooking.

if you've ever been to cracker barrel
you know all about this game. & 
perhaps how competitive husband & 
i got playing it.

from one cracker to another: husband's first time at cracker barrel!

the. most. welcome. sight. after. hours. in. the. car. (in no way am i talking about myself in this picture.) 

as if that frustratingly addictive peg game on every table coupled with that good homestyle cookin' 
cooking weren't enough, cracker barrel also has this whole other huge section of space devoted
to an antique, country-style store filled with vintage candies, seasonal decorations (read: christmas!)
& home-baked-style jams, butters, mixes, etc., a.k.a. SO FUN TO LOOK AROUND IN.

the drive home was filled with dancing/singing loudly to this classic,

while wendy's treated us well with some chocolate frosties.

the trip turned out so much better than we even thought: we thought we'd get home around FIVE AM (eek!) but we pulled into claremont avenue around midnight! amazing! (it certainly helped that aunt janet
drove two hours out from her house to meet up with us at cracker barrel. THANK YOU AUNT JANET).

& now we've been able to enjoy a happy reunion with the beloved cello that has been months in coming. cello certainly feels like another member of the family!



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