Monday, November 21, 2011

apple {cider} of my eye.

if you firmly adhere to the no-christmas-
music-before-thanksgiving rule, or the no-
christmas-music-before-december rule, i'm
almost 100% percent sure you might not like
this post. consider yourself warned.

the other night husband & i bought
a $20 radio at target & christmas
music has been coming out of it
NONSTOP ever since. in provo we'd
listen to christmas tunes all season long
while cruisin' cruising around in the explorer
but here in nyc we have no car & 
therefore no convenient car radio to blast
christmas jams as we drove around to glamorous
places like salt lake city or smiths...soooooo we
finally figured that if the mountain won't come to
 mohammed, well, mohammed will go to the mountain!...
& buy a flippin' radio to listen to nonstop
christmas music. aaaaand.......... was the best decision of mohammed's our lives.
tonight found us sipping hot apple cider
(do i even need to say that the apple cider was
hot? does that go without saying? is there
such a thing as COLD apple cider?), quietly
reading & homework-ing, & listening to
songs such as these on 106.7 FM.
...& yes, in case you were wondering,
husband is being so patient & silent
as i make loud, sarcastic asides
about delilah's radio commentary.

have a good night!

...& in case you were wondering, this picture
was taken from husband's camera. mine is
still completely AWOL. it's not looking good, guys.

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