Saturday, November 26, 2011

a boston thxgiving.

husband & i returned earlier today from
boston, where we had the BEST TIME.
our thanksgiving dinner was a dream. i am
officially in awe of christine for pulling it all
off so smoothly. it was great visiting with 
brigham & christine & wrasslin' around 
with their 3 little ones! on friday they took us 
on a marvelous tour of boston. the weather
was GLORIOUS & sunny & boston is
just magical. that place is just bursting with
history--everywhere we looked was home
to some sort of historically significant 
site pretty or other! check out some pictures:

hearts on dark green shutters? hooray!

ye olde skyline.

brick is EVERYWHERE in boston. 
it made everything look so wonderfully
chic & antique at the same time.
("chic & antique"! that should be a
band name...or something.)

five little pumpkins.

i'm telling you, it was all about the brick
& the window shutters!

a wall of ivy.

i was obsessed with lots & lots 
of brightly colored doors.

just paul revere's grave.

HUUUUGE christmas tree.

boston harbor: tea anyone?

the old north church. there were
so many gorgeous treeeeeees.

little italy. feel free to call it littaly.

we were so happy to take the time to
remember & celebrate all the many
things we have to be grateful for.
husband & i truly feel very amazed 
when we think of all the
wonderful ways we have been blessed.
...& now let the time fly to christmas!

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