Monday, November 14, 2011

caped crusader.

do you ever have the sneaking suspicion
that your significant other isn't telling 
you a huge secret about his or her life?

or that perhaps when you're sleeping at
night your significant other has snuck out
of the house to fight crime?

or sometimes when you ask your 
significant other how their afternoon was,
he/she fills you in on all the supposed "latest
details from the physics classroom,"
but you have a feeling he/she might have
been out secretly donning a black
cape instead?

...well, let me just say that your 7th favorite
blogger has been feeling that somethin's
fishy around here with husband for a while.

as in...
i think husband is batman.
the dark knight of gotham city.

my recent suspicions were only further
confirmed the day husband came home
from a quote-un-quote "physics 
conference downtown" where, upon
further investigation, i found THIS
scathing piece of evidence:

hmmm....innnnnnnnnteresting, husband.
verrrryyy interesting.

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