Thursday, November 10, 2011

carnegie hall.

by way of a fortuitous series of events,
husband & i found ourselves with two
...wait for it...FREE tickets to...wait
for it...carnegie hall! it was a benefit
concert for best buddies, which is a
non-profit organization here in the city.
the concert featured an impressive mix
of simply amazing performers:
actors who performed skits at
various times throughout the program,
an opera singer, brass groups, guitarists...
& then the main event, which was
this amazing homegirl, who played
like FIVE solos throughout the evening,
ALL FROM MEMORY, & accompanied,
what was it, the opera singer once, the
saucy saxophonist once, the funny
trumpet guy once, she took part in the
octet, all while rocking a great formal
dress &, you know, being a model
on the side & having nike ads in asia &
being on oprah & doing tae kwon do
...& on & on! she was cool.
&, since flash photography was not 
allowed, we could only sneak in
one photo during the intermission
{with the flash turned off, of course!
...which also explains why the photo 
is so dark.}

my black turtleneck = yyyeeeaaahhh, not 100% 
sure how to attack carnegie hall, clothes-wise 
{formal? or are just nice slacks okay...? 
& who says "attack" when talking about 
clothes, anyways?}so this is me playing
it really, reeeaaaallllyyyyy safe.

anyways, we had such a great time!
hey carnegie hall, if you ran for president....
...depending on your political views,
we might just consider voting for you!
...but if black turtlenecks were running
against you...ooh, now things are getting tricky.

1 comment:

  1. What a cool concert to go to!
    I think there are some pictures of her from that concert here:
    What an amazingly talented lady. I want to be her when I grow up. :-)



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