Sunday, November 13, 2011

cello spontaneity.

so ever since our move to new york, husband's cello has been up near rochester with his aunt & uncle
(who were able to drive the cello out east after being in utah for the family much better than
trying to cart that instrument on an airplane!). we've been hemming & hawing about how to get the cello from rochester to manhattan--fly? take the train? the bus? accio cello?--but on saturday afternoon (literally over our second helpings at this) we just up & decided to rush home, rent a car, & drive to upstate new york RIGHT THEN. the next hour was a flurry of rushing home, changing, packing up a few car-trip necessities, calling through every rental car joint in manhattan to find the best price, & rushing off to catch the bus to the airport where our little car was waiting.

about an hour & a half later we were passing through brooklyn on I-80 heading north & still marveling at the spontaneity of it all.

three & one half hours later we pulled up at the cracker barrel in binghamton, ny, where we had planned to meet up with aunt janet & that blasted blessed cello. while aunt j was still on her way, we unabashedly ordered some of that good country cookin' cooking.

if you've ever been to cracker barrel
you know all about this game. & 
perhaps how competitive husband & 
i got playing it.

from one cracker to another: husband's first time at cracker barrel!

the. most. welcome. sight. after. hours. in. the. car. (in no way am i talking about myself in this picture.) 

as if that frustratingly addictive peg game on every table coupled with that good homestyle cookin' 
cooking weren't enough, cracker barrel also has this whole other huge section of space devoted
to an antique, country-style store filled with vintage candies, seasonal decorations (read: christmas!)
& home-baked-style jams, butters, mixes, etc., a.k.a. SO FUN TO LOOK AROUND IN.

the drive home was filled with dancing/singing loudly to this classic,

while wendy's treated us well with some chocolate frosties.

the trip turned out so much better than we even thought: we thought we'd get home around FIVE AM (eek!) but we pulled into claremont avenue around midnight! amazing! (it certainly helped that aunt janet
drove two hours out from her house to meet up with us at cracker barrel. THANK YOU AUNT JANET).

& now we've been able to enjoy a happy reunion with the beloved cello that has been months in coming. cello certainly feels like another member of the family!


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