Saturday, November 12, 2011

chili/pie/oh my.

this afternoon we went to our 
church's annual chili & pie cook-off. 
which husband & i decided is

you better BELIEVE husband & i
were able to eat all this just 
between the two of us.

i totally respect anyone who can make a
decent pie. it's a very daunting task, in my opinion.
there were some beautiful ones at the
activity though. pumpkin apple cinnamon pie...
triple berry pie (my favorite!)...classic apple pie...
so many good ones to choose from. chili, on the
other hand, is one i don't find so intimidating........
i think i decided after this activity we're having
chili every night for the next WEEK. it's that good.
we're having so much fun getting to know
the great people to be found at church.

it was then off to best buy to make 
a quick return...

hope you're having a great saturday!

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