Sunday, November 20, 2011

a few gems from around the spider Web. camera may or may not be
lost forever in the lost & found at the 
metropolitan opera house {the met's
lost & found is only open weekdays
from 2-4! as in........only two hours a 
day! & not saturdays & sundays!
who does that?!?...& oh yeah, we
went to see an opera this weekend. we
took pictures. if we ever find that blasted
beloved camera, i will share those pictures
with you}.

so to keep you all from losing sleep &/or
going crazy with worry over whether 
or not we here at you? me. me? you. will
ever find our camera again, i've gathered
up a few goodies from around the Webby
Web that are sure to tide you over.

don't you love when the song you're
listening to while exercising seems to
match up perfectly with your footsteps
or movements? well anyways,
hopefully you'll still love how genius this site is! 
type in your mile time (or what you'd like your mile time
to be!) & it will come up with a huge list of songs
with just the right amount of beats per minute
to help you keep perfect tempo. 

...have you heard about this yet?!
who knew! (although if you scroll down
a bit on this site, you'll find that many
people think it's not true. but who
are they to say the person who
FIRST PLACE is wrong? discuss.)

& while i don't condone smoking at all,
i DO condone checking out these
that come in a paper cigarette box! 
wrapped in foil & everything!

paul newman & joanne woodward...such
a cute hollywood couple. that made their
marriage work for the next 50 years.

it just keeps on rollin' rolling.

& finally, a couple youtube-ies...have you seen
this craziness? maybe you have. anyways,
say what you want about kobe bryant,!:

& i was lucky enough to see this hilarious spoof
video of it my brother sent me. in a word, it's perfect.
i haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!
fast forward to about 1:50 & just let it fly.

& finally, a friend shared this video with me a few
days ago & suddenly i saw it popping up everywhere!
& decided that it MUST. BE. SHARED. with you three:

i know. priceless, right?

have a good night!


  1. Oh my gosh, isn't the Newsies video SO funny?! I was literally JUST about to post it on your facebook wall! I can't stop watching it and cracking up!!

  2. Fabulous links, Shayla. Dave's going to love the Kobe ones. Hope you find your camera soon!

  3. i hope we find it soon too!! :(

  4. hahahaahaha watching these in the good ole HBLL. laughing too hard right now. haha quality videos shayla!



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