Wednesday, November 23, 2011

get to know me ABC's.

age: 22. just kidding. 24.

bed size: full. the husb & i like to keep it real cozy.

chore you hate: cleaning hair out of any kind of drain! ick.

dogs: i've actually never owned a dog, but when i
see all the rich new york ladies carrying around
these lovers in their purses, my heart kind of
breaks a little because they're so cute.

essential start of your day: husband helping me wake 
up! the earlier the hour, the harder it is for me to get up,
so every day sometimes husband literally has to pull 
me out of bed. it's a true story. i'm just totally in last
place when it comes to waking up in the morning,

favorite color: gaaahhhhh, why do you have to ask
me questions like this? okay. let me think. sour apple
green, mustard yellow, throw in some olive green,
a nice deep red, pale pink, mint green, a pretty light
sky blue, some dark orange...uhhh, mix them all 
together & you'd have my favorite color?

gold or silver: GOOD QUESTION. when backed up against a wall, i'd have to say gold.

height: 5'10"

instruments I play: piano & organ! i also dabble in recorder.

job title: currently? the temp of your dreams.

kids: none right now...get back to us in a few decades years!

live: nyc: smack dab in between the upper west side & harlem.

mom's name: this one is SO random to me. rene.

nickname: shay, shayla-who, sheaz (pronounced "shee-azzz"), shiz.

overnight hospital stays: i've come close a few times, like the
time i had a concussion, or the time i had a head-on
collision with a motorcycle & they thought i had a concussion.
but in the end, i'm sorry happy to say, no.

pet peeve: slow walkers. greasy hair (even & especially
when i have it!). hearing people swallow.
chewing gum really loudly. ABC questionnaries (i mean,
how boring are those things, right!?!).

quote from a movie: oh no. noooo. this one is TOO HARD.
if you know me at all you know that my conversations
would fall flatter than the acting in twilight (i'm sorry, i'm sorry!
but i just had to find a way to stick this enlightening video in here
somewhere) a popped balloon if i wasn't often peppering them
with lines out of anything from "she's the man" to "help!"
to "goonies" to "you've got mail" to "the princess bride" to
"arrested development" (not a movie, but work with me here)
& on & on & on! HOWEVER, the very first one that popped in 
my head is this classic line from "what about bob" i say often:
"gimme, gimme, gimme, i NEED, i NEED!"

bahahaaaa. so good.

right or left-handed: write.

siblings: older brother. younger sister. younger brother.

time you wake up: totally depends on the day. anywhere from 7 am to probably 11, 11:30 am.

underwear: yes.

vegetables you dislike: you know, the more that i
think about it, i actually really like most vegetables!
asparagus, artichoke, carrots, broccoli...all okay
in my book! after much consideration, though, i'm
gonna hafta go with beets. not a huge fan.

what makes you run late: trying to decide what to wear! stressful.

x-rays you have had done: i had a cat scan once?
can that count? because other than that none...
i guess i could count those crazy ones they take
of your mouth & teeth at the dentists too, couldn't i?

yummy food you make: i like how
this ABC questionnaire just assumes that
all i do all day is wait around to make the next delicious meal!

...okay maybe that was an overreaction. i'm particularly fond of
these foods i make: any chicken + rice/pasta combo,
scotcheroos, spaghetti with various toppings, red velvet
cupcakes, reeses, sour patch kids, & peanut butter m&m's.

zoo animal: it might just have to be tigers!

i can't explain it, but for some reason i.......feel like i need to apologize now!



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