Sunday, November 6, 2011

our weekend: swan song.

this weekend, we had a nice little visit
over to the east side to have dinner
with friends. it's kind of fun to go to
the other side of manhattan--there's 
definitely a different feeling there. maybe 
it's all the old money...or something. 

i love how husband is just totally on the
phone while this random girl is just 
hanging all over him...playa!

this weekend, we were excited 
to see that bloomingdales has
officially brought out its christmas lights.
there's a huge part of me that respects
shopping places that are holding off juuuuust 
a little bit longer to put up christmas decorations
(remember, it's not even thanksgiving yet!),
& yet when i do see places that have
christmas stuff up already, a quiet little
part of my heart gets really happy.
thanks, bloomingdales. 

i wish this picture of the christmas lights turned out better.
they shone shined were SO BRIGHT in the darkness.

this weekend, we also hit up famed
magnolia bakery for the first time.

we decided to try a favorite flavor
(red velvet cupcakes) & they were pretty good!
......but sadly maybe not as good as we thought
they would have been. maybe it was an off night
for them. or us. we've heard their
banana pudding is THE thing to order there,
so perhaps we'll try that next time.

this weekend we went to church. &
i wore a swan brooch that those primary
kids could NOT keep their eyes off of
(it was a really shiny swan, i guess).

(oh you know just posing in front of
what looks like prison bars. nbd.)

please, PLEASE tell me you had a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. yeah i agree their cupcakes aren't that could BUT dont worry you have SPRINKLES cupcakes there that are amazzzing!



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