Tuesday, November 1, 2011

our weekend.

husband & i have been curious to see how
halloween would play out here in the big city, 
& let me just say that it did NOT disappoint! 
we've had so many wonderful halloween 
happenings the past few days it's scary {literally!
we helped out at a haunted house...but not before
they made us walk through it ourselves! i 
used husband as a shield the whole time}. 

in other news from this weekend, we
spoke in church, hosted a byu freshman
friends reunion dinner spectacular
(wes! jamie! ryan! oh my!),
hit up a homemade donut party,
 & i tried wearing socks with heels. again.
why do i keep doing that to myself?
it's an ongoing battle. :)

hope you had a really great halloween!

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