Monday, November 7, 2011

rufus wainwright, again.

this is one of the earlier rufus songs that flew into the
spectrum of my awareness ("flew...into the spectrum...of
my awareness"?!! what does that even mean??).
i've always loved this song, but it flew even more into
the spectrum of my awareness after my {second?} cousin
sat at our piano & played/sang a beautiful minimalistic
version of this song. i realized it's just a really true song
about addictions & cravings--
& not even drug addictions, mind you!
[although the word "cigarettes" is in the title...but i digress.]
at one point rufus sings sings, "if i should buy
jellybeans...i have to eat them all in just one sitting!"
isn't that how so many of us are?
heck, i know I'm that way. whenever i buy candy i can't
help but snack on so many of them all at once. at the very end of
the song rufus sings, "please be kind if i'm a mess." isn't
that what we all want? people to just be nice & patient
while we just can't help but chomp away at our favorite
candy or other addictions. anyways, this
sure is a delightful song, & yeah, rufus does get kind of intense
with the eye contact in this music video sometimes,
but hey, it doesn't necessarily detract or distract. enjoy!

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