Tuesday, November 15, 2011

six month! anniversary! exclamation points!

as of yesterday husband & i have 
been married for six months!
time sure does fly!
husband surprised us (& when i
say "us" i mean, you know, "me")
with dinner at community, a
restaurant i've been really 
wanting to go to lately. the
food was wonderful & everyone,
their menu, & their dog made
sure to let us as consumers
know that community's food was
all organic, like their hamburgers
came from grass-fed cows 
& their salt was scraped fresh off
the bottom of the ocean floor
& their couscous had popped
out of thin air, & stuff.

if only all-organic meant
all-inexpensive. oh well.
good thing six month wedding
anniversaries ideally only come 
along once in a person's life.

it was then off to 
haagen-dazs to snatch up
midnight cookies & creme &
dark chocolate & peanut butter.
...okay & hot fudge.

me to husband: "okay, look like
you're on the cover of men's vogue."

after this picture we decided 
mayyyyybe men's vogue the magazine 
doesn't exist. but then i went home & 
googled it & i guess it does!
a fun fact to discover on a wedding

...hey! husband!
happy six-months-&-a-day anniversary.
do you want to go to community
for dinner tonight...?

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