Friday, November 4, 2011

a story about candy.

once there was a man named ralph lauren.

he designed clothes like this:

Crewneck Cashmere Jersey Dress - Black Label  New Arrivals -

& this:

Cashmere Ribbon Crewneck - Blue Label Cashmere -

he also had a daughter named dylan. it would have 
been really easy for her to simply follow in her father's 
footsteps & do something like model, design clothes...or 
just live off her father's money. instead, she watched 
willy wonka & the chocolate factory when she was
six & the rest was history. she grew up to create:

named the "largest unique candy store in the world."

dylan's candy bar stocks over 7,000 
different candies! so, SO much candy.
every candy i've ever seen in my life,
plus thousands more. it was almost too much candy.
it was great & overwhelming & husband & i wanted
to sample everything.

the stairs were glowing & had candy
embedded in them. the floor would
also say things like this:

hilarious birthday hats. the funny thing is my
family actually owns one of these birthday
hats & we wear them on our birthdays.

there was lots of old school candy & images
all over the place.
dylan said her goal was to "merge fashion,
art, & pop candy culture"...
...speaking of fashion,
i wanted husband to buy this sweatshirt.

HUGE chocolate-covered pretzels.

apparently lots & lots of famous people have been to 
dylan's candy bar, where they had them fill up a
little plastic box with their favorite candy & then
sign the top. there was a whole wall of them!

i also wanted husband to buy this hat
that looked like a cupcake top.

purple shirt: "family is like fudge. 
sweet with a couple of nuts."
pink shirt: "chocolate. coffee. men. 
some things are just better rich..."

simply put, husband & i are real sweet toothers
& big candy enthusiasts, so
dylan's candy bar was basically a magical
fairyland of wondrous dreams come true.
& in my book, if adjectives like "magical," 
"fairyland," & "wondrous" are used, well...
that means it was a preeeettttyyyy good date night.
hope you had a wonderful friday night!

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