Sunday, November 6, 2011

taiwanna see some pictures?

so...i served a mission in taiwan. & i have thought about it every day since. {which has been over a year & a half now! eeks!}. & i don't know why, but today i was thinking about my mission way more than usual & just missin' it somethin' fierce. i also realized i haven't actually shared a ton of mission photos on the blog yet. & that, my friends, is a shame.

so on to pictures! (warning: i look realllllyyyyy ugly in these pictures coming up. the whole hair + makeup thing? yeah, in taiwan, i basically just skipped all of that).

this was at the little playground in our apt. complex.

mirror fun.

when sister rao was looking for new glasses.

yang cai rong & her boy. at her baptism!
her son used to call me "aunty whipple."
who knew a 30-something year old
taiwanese lady would be one of my best friends?

contacting in the streets. can you see me up there?
i'm the tall white-y in the dorky helmet & blue shirt. :)

this picture was always hilarious to me. i had been in taiwan over a year &, as i had mentioned before, had given up wearing makeup aaaaaages ago. who had the time? she had been in taiwan only a few weeks & was looking so glam & great.  & the contrast in this picture is so hilariously in-your-face. literally.

just preaching away.

fake fighting with amy, who had been a member for only a few months. if you look closely, you'll see she was trying to bite me. :) who would have guessed a sixteen year old taiwanese girl would be one of my best friends?

letters letters letters. 

& more letters.

our brief foray into catholicism. kidding.

hey, reader, how you doing? this is a lot of pictures, i know. if you've made it this far, good job. i'm proud of you. just a couple more to go.

this is eva. she had literally just gotten baptized.

this is so taiwan: if you look closely, i am 100% in the middle of the street. but that's just how the mean streets of taiwan were. you just...did whatever. & yes, i rode my bike through those mean streets for 18 months. when i rode my bike in provo & husband would think i was biking "dangerously," i'd just be like, "pssscccchhhh. this is nothing."

this is yu yong mei, or "lyla" (she let us give her her english name!) we met her when she was walking home one night, & three weeks later she got baptized.

again, literally just came out of the water. i carry this picture around in my scriptures.

you'd think a tropical island like taiwan would be hot all year round but NO. in the winter i'd wear a scarf, two sweaters, two skirts, & tights. normally i would wear gloves, too, but i'm not wearing them in this picture. it's harder to make a peace sign with gloves on--i'm sure was the reason i didn't have them on at the moment. haha.

grocery store: what to buy, what to buy.......when you can hardly read any of the labels. always an adventure.

filling up the font one quiet friday morning for a baptism.

 oh you know, just biking the mean streets of taiwan. :)

remember that girl amy who was trying to bite me in that picture above? here she is again. i just love her so much.

again, the peace signs.

*phew* well i hope this blog post was as therapeutic for you as it was for me!...oh, it wasn't??

anyways, moral of the story? i miss taiwan like crazy.


  1. let me say that i have been thinking a lot about taiwan too! i was actually going to make a taiwan post last sunday but then things got to busy but one of these days taiwan will make it's debut on my blog as well. loved looking through these! hope new york is treating you well. looooove you

  2. it was SO FUN to go through some mission photos & choose ones for this post...if i remember correctly you took some hilarious pictures in taiwan so it'd just be a joy to see some more. new york is great! hope utah is great--why do i feel like i heard/read you don't live in provo anymore, is that right? anyways, love you too!



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