Monday, November 28, 2011

worky work.

one of the best things about being a temp {for the
time being...!} is that it takes me all over the city.
my jobs have taken me to soho! the upper
east side! madison avenue! lexington avenue!
tribeca! midtown! downtown! all over! & it's
been really interesting working at places that
have all sorts of different vibes, from wear-a-
full-suit-every-day people to 
business casual-ies who are really really nice
 to snobby fashionistas & -istos working it like 
every day is fashion week. another great thing
about jaunting off to every part of manhattan
is that i've gotten to know nyc's public
transportation well...reallllly well. express trains,
local trains, transfer points, how the internet
says your bus ride will only take 20 minutes
but in reality it takes an hour & 20 all only 
took me a matter of weeks to figure out! long story short, 
i've worked at lots of different places, but so far no 
jobbing place has stood out to me as much as the 
straight great place i worked at today. think early
twentieth-century factory revived into a chic modern
space complete with sleek white ikea tables, bright
white lights, & blingin' macs...all while still maintaining
that original factory vibe. i fell in love immediately:

the dusty white brick behind my desk:

 original distressed wood, opera-type 
seats as waiting area chairs across
from my desk:


more rugs. & that old comfy 
leather chair in the corner:

the other side of the front lobby,
with more wonderful wood seats.

the spectacular view across from my 
desk, in between the two rows of chairs:
another wondrous rug & a full-length mirror.

next to the mirror was an ancient wagon piled
with issues & issues of the new yorker,
time out new york, & stacks of coffee table books.

the kitchen housed a long (& obviously
not brand new! which is better)
wooden table & benches sitting atop the 
wonderful light wood floors. wood
on wood on wood? definitely the new black.

gosh. isn't this place just delightful?!
definitely a winning place to work. i hope they
have lots & lots of success in all their
business endeavors, just because they 
decorated their place that well.

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