Saturday, December 31, 2011

what are we NOT doing new year's eve?

so...i come from a long line of people who keep things chillllll on new year's eve. i'm talking pj's from 7 pm straight on 'til morning,  some sort of die-hard, intense movie marathon happening (the bourne-ies,  lord of the rings, star wars, you get the idea!), & maybe, just maybe, some sparkling cider will be popped open as an afterthought. but seeing as this new year's is our first one as husband & wife, we agreed we kinda wanted to do a little something to make it a bit more memorable.

to kick off the evening? a trip to see the movie new year's eve...of course. you know, that one with THREE THOUSAND movie stars in it:

while husband & i had a great time providing our own humorous (of course) movie commentaries with each other, we both admitted afterwards that it was a pretty fun flick. plus it was so crazy watching this movie that takes place in new york city & remembering that there.

sour patch kids never hurt, either.

after the movie we decided to skip the subway in favor of walking home. a 30 block stroll with the lover? easy.

even where we were (about 50 blocks away from the times square madness) there were soooo many people completely decked out in the 2012 hats & glasses (you know the ones i'm talking about!). plus, there's always something to stop & snap pictures of when you walk down those nyc streets:

p.s. recognize this place? i've never mentioned this before, but it's only two blocks from our house!:

....& when i say we walked home, what i really meant was stop off for some new year's eve pizza first:

we were going to do the whole times square thing this year, but husband's got that blasted big test coming up in just a few days that kind of determines his whole future soooo...we figured next year will do. we're going the homemade route come midnight this year, with rented movies, ryan seacrest's dick clark's the new year's eve times square thing on tv, a big kiss, &, of course, sparkling cider & egg nog.

here's wishing you a happy new year! let's hear it for 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

speaking of photography from my last post,
i was reminded of one little image i've seen
on the internet recently. it has burned its
way into my mind & kept me down-to-earth,
at least in the picture-taking sense.

i mean, is grandma right or is she right? :)

way overdue.

i should have announced this a long time ago,
buuuuuuuut we have a new addition to the family!

maybe you remember that precious little point &
shoot camera of mine that i lost about a month 
or two ago. still so sad. we miss you, wee cammy.
*moment of silence*

anyways, husband has been allowing me to bring
along his little digital camera on our adventures to act
as a third wheel, so to speak (so generous he is
{whoa, was that a yoda voice i heard!?}) 
& that was working pretty okay. but then the
little sneaky snoo up & buys me us a real-deal, 
brand new camera of monster proportions
for christmas! out of nowhere! & it's been
a photography party ever since! hopefully sometimes our pictures won't turn out
as dang dark as the ones i just showed you!

so just you look out, photography world.
here we come!

pretty vs. cool.

as i'm sure probably all of you know, i've never
been a huge fan of looking...well...pretty.
you know what i mean. the thought of looking
perfectly beautiful & put together every.
single. day. absolutely exhausts me!
for me, it's much easier to look slightly cool-er.

i had never consciously recognized these tendencies
within myself until i found this article...i read it &
definitely had one of those lightbulb turn-y on-y moments.

wednesday night thoughts.

i promise i'll make this quick.

it's just that i fall in love with this guy more & more every day.
i mean, look at how hard he studies away! & that tuft of
hair at the back of his head that just won't stay down sometimes!
my heart just flutters. 
husband dances at wedding receptions (even
though i know it's maybe not his favorite thing in the world),
carries my luggage instead of his because my bags are heavier,
sings along with me to feist while we clean the apartment,
& if i'm sleeping on the plane when the flight attendants 
come around, he makes sure to ask for peanuts & 
ginger ale for me to have when i wake up.  
...& i swear his eyes are bluer than the day we first met.
so even though we're both got our mistakes, & our
things that so aren't perfect, being married to him
forever & ever is the best idea i could ever dream of.

okay, i'm done now.

have a good night!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

home sweet home.

a grumpy train employee.
a *ahem* crazy lady talking loudly at us from the escalator.
a crowded subway.
another *ahem* crazy lady sitting next to us in the taco bell.
a guy who asked us for some spare change.

oh new york city, it's good to be home.
we missed you. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

over the river. through the woods.

on christmas eve we bundled up & headed
over to grandpa daryl & grandma sally's house.
it's always fun to go visit them, plus actually getting
to their house is an adventure in & of itself!
it is LITERALLY over the river & through the woods.
first, over the river:
we had to take a ferry out to the island they live on:

(what wind?)

{quick side note: i am SO GLAD to call washington 
home. having family here is such a good excuse to come 
to such a gorgeous place! just look at it!}

the family picture: some people DIDN'T get the memo!

this is when husband's huge, upcoming physics
tests almost drove him to drastic measures.
either that, or we all thought we heard the
call from the captain to abandon ship:

after arriving on the island, we were picked
up by grandpa in their classic, classic motor
home that i'm pretty sure is older than i am:

oh you know, just chilling around the table
in the motor home. the best part is that none
of the windows are darkened so everyone
on the roads could see us! love it.

the next part was the drive out to grandma & grandpa's:
through the woods!

grandma & grandpa always have tons
of animals, too. here are some we saw:


a parrot (that wolf-whistled! so fun.)

& some cute tiny white dogs:

& this definitely happened during
 the seahawks vs. 49ers game:

& our grandparents are awesome enough to
not only own a wii, but that favorite of all
favorite games just dance!! so you know
we whipples busted that out quicker than
you can say "bob's your uncle."
wii just dance is so funny.

mom & eli dancing to this

dad & eli dancing to this
(some truly priceless moves):

& husband & i dancing to this
(such a fun dance!):

let's hear it for really great grandparents
who live close enough for us to visit!

the wedding day.

here's hoping you like photo dumps!

some fathers:

braving the freezing weather
for the newlyweds:

when little brother's button
fell off his tuxedo:

some mothers:

husband: videographer extraordinaire.

& finally, finally, the
newlyweds came:

a quick tux fix:

& having a heart-to-heart 
with grandma:

& the beautiful flowers
(done by the groom's younger sister!)
so wintry with pine cones,
evergreen tree branches, & gold:

what a happy morning!
it was so fun bundling up
& being together with family
to celebrate this new little couple.


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