Sunday, December 25, 2011

the last few hours.

so continuing on with pictures from little sister's wedding weekend middle-of-the-week, let me share with you just a few of those precious moments leading up to hannah & tyler tying up that knot. 

i can't even remember what was happening before, during, or after this picture, but isn't it great?:

later on that night at the big wedding-eve pizza & root beer family party, we were lucky enough to watch some home videos of tyler when he was nothing more than a tow-headed toddler. so, a) home videos in general are almost always genuinely a crack-up, & b) these ones were especially so, as you can tell by the reactions of hannah, tyler, & the rest of the gang:

 i'm sure this is right when we all watched a young tyler push a random stranger kid backwards down the slide at the park. priceless: 

& perhaps this was when we watched a young tyler try to pick a fight with another random stranger kid at the park. here's hoping he's gotten it all out of his system!:

in other news: husband's sweater (an early christmas present from your 7th favorite blogger) proved to be a surprise hit. (i mean, just look at that gem!):

cousins. friends. discomfort:

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