Monday, December 26, 2011

over the river. through the woods.

on christmas eve we bundled up & headed
over to grandpa daryl & grandma sally's house.
it's always fun to go visit them, plus actually getting
to their house is an adventure in & of itself!
it is LITERALLY over the river & through the woods.
first, over the river:
we had to take a ferry out to the island they live on:

(what wind?)

{quick side note: i am SO GLAD to call washington 
home. having family here is such a good excuse to come 
to such a gorgeous place! just look at it!}

the family picture: some people DIDN'T get the memo!

this is when husband's huge, upcoming physics
tests almost drove him to drastic measures.
either that, or we all thought we heard the
call from the captain to abandon ship:

after arriving on the island, we were picked
up by grandpa in their classic, classic motor
home that i'm pretty sure is older than i am:

oh you know, just chilling around the table
in the motor home. the best part is that none
of the windows are darkened so everyone
on the roads could see us! love it.

the next part was the drive out to grandma & grandpa's:
through the woods!

grandma & grandpa always have tons
of animals, too. here are some we saw:


a parrot (that wolf-whistled! so fun.)

& some cute tiny white dogs:

& this definitely happened during
 the seahawks vs. 49ers game:

& our grandparents are awesome enough to
not only own a wii, but that favorite of all
favorite games just dance!! so you know
we whipples busted that out quicker than
you can say "bob's your uncle."
wii just dance is so funny.

mom & eli dancing to this

dad & eli dancing to this
(some truly priceless moves):

& husband & i dancing to this
(such a fun dance!):

let's hear it for really great grandparents
who live close enough for us to visit!

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