Saturday, December 10, 2011

papaya + books + a movie.

tonight after work & errands husband & i met up over
on 84th & park (discreetly, of course. i mean, our
relationship hasn't gone super public yet & the
paparazzi won't stop hounding us, so we have
 to be careful) & we were ready for some
serious, & i'm talkin' SERIOUS, adventure 
...that's what friday night means, right?? 

our first stop was papaya king. 
now, when you hear "papaya" you think
they'd have an overabundance of something like 
fruit smoothies, right? wellllllll...what they're actually
really really known for is their hotdogs! they're
just amazingly good & smell even better! least,
that's what we hear. we were both too full of food
from husband's physics department christmas party
to get a hotdog. instead, we shared guessed it!
...papaya smoothie. & agreed to meet up at papaya 
king some other time with wonderfully empty stomachs
(discreetly, of course).

us + our papaya smoothie.

{plus their signs are really funny.}

next stop? the barnes & noble across the street, of course!
who knew they'd have sooooo many fun things to explore?

...husband & i knew. that's who.

after discovering this sign below, i've come to the
conclusion that if when we ever have kids, i might
just have to say this sometimes to them come 
christmastime if they're being naughty.
. parenting...?:

THIS BOOK. apparently there's more than one! 
it's the sequel to new moan, of course:

{husband coming down the elevator. i just thought 
he looked like a cutie. &, looking back at this 
picture, i realize he's kinda holding a lot of stuff! 
some of which is mine! thanks, husb.}

okay, RAISE YOUR HAND if there's a cerrrrrtain 
book in this picture you never realized was "required 
school reading":

in other news, please see exhibit A. also known 
as the small case study i performed while husband
was coming down the elevator in the above picture:

the time husband tried to kiss me but i placed a book
with an exceptionally choice title between us. 

 & finally, my sad face that happens about 15 minutes into
every bookstore trip i take when i start feeling overwhelmed 
by how many books i still want & need to read in my lifetime.

& adventurous friday night was finished up at
the movies. i'll quiz you to see if you know what
movie we saw. was it:

a. breaking dawn part 1.
b. new year's eve.
b. j. edgar.
d. the muppets.
e. all of the above.

...i'll let you ruminate on that for the night!
in the meantime, here is a hilarious scene that
was just asking us to put our heads into (no
really. there was an opening. for our heads.)

a truly adventurous night was had by all!

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