Thursday, December 8, 2011

& a quick spooky.

first off, something from the new york times
(that i also posted on facebook today, so, apologies
if you've seen it once already, but no one really
ever comments on anything i post on facebook
anyways, so maybe you haven't seen it yet!
fingers crossed.):

entitled "a touch of evil," this piece explores the
oddly compelling idea of villainy. actors are featured 
in short bits (most are less than one minute long) 
portraying different aspects of evil, inspired by 
villains from actual movies. & when i say these
little pieces are oddly compelling, i really mean it:
i watched all thirteen of these this morning &
i've been thinking about them all day long!
other nice things? like i said, these are all really 
short pieces & they run through automatically, so
you can watch through them quick. totally doable.
also, they snagged some really, really choice 
actors to portray the baddies: george clooney, 
brad pitt, ryan gosling, jessica chastain from tree
of life & the debt, mia wasikowska from 
the new jane eyre, gary oldman, kirsten 
dunst, glenn close, & more

also, continuing the creepy, interesting vibe
for just a sec, consider this life clock

1 comment:

  1. okay. im completely enthralled! that was spectacular! i espesh loved the one with the mirrors. chilllssss.



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