Saturday, December 24, 2011

random pictures in which i find myself embarrassed or apologizing.

some fairly priceless things have happened
recently that i was lucky enough to take pictures of.
i know i promised more wedding info, but i'm
sitting here watching "the help" & can only
give this blog post about half of my attention 
for about five more minutes.

one of the first things i saw when i arrived
home a few days ago: would it kill anyone
to replace a light bulb? 

google chatting with husband while i was
in WA & he was still in NYC. they had
this hilarious thing we could click on &
make ourselves look like reindeer.
i still can't get over how funny it is. & i
don't know why, but i also
feel the need to apologize for the fact
that i'm not wearing any makeup.

cooking/bonding time for the fbils
(future brother-in-laws, of course). 
their aprons? priceless. 

& when husband & i were on our way home
from our thrifting/taco bell-ing/returning the
rented movie to blockbuster date night we
spotted none other than a LIVE CAMEL
on the side of the road!...nbd.

(it was part of a live nativity scene one
of those roadside churches were putting on.)

the camel was very very big, smelly, & docile.
i'm embarrassed to say i was kind of scared of
it, as you get a hint of in this picture:

speaking of taco bell date nights, here are
some pictures from that very event, which 
happened post-camel. again, i'm embarrassed
to show you how many burritos, chalupas,
& gorditas there are when there was only 2 of us:

merry christmas eve eve!


  1. that's so funny because i too noticed the missing light bulbs the other day! and i instantly recognized the picture before i started reading your post. too funny.



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