Sunday, December 25, 2011

see you at the LANES!!

while i still have a few more pictures to share from
little sister's wedding weekend middle-of-the-week,
i'm going to take another break & talk about
the bowling challenge.
so while a bunch of family has been in town for
the wedding, my uncle challenged the whipples
to a bowling match, saying that his family
could totally beat us. oh no he didn't.

so yesterday, after the standard 
intimidation tactics from both families
{the cubbedges & the whipples}, everyone
gathered at the local bowling lanes for one
all-out bowling match-up. the bowling game 
to end all bowling games. the match to defend
family honor...yeah, it was all pretty west side story

in the red corner we had the cubbedges:


years-in-brazil colton

jordan (is that no fingers in the bowling
ball holes i see?!)

aunt shelley

& uncle tom.

& in the blue corner we had the whipples:

ben (the southpaw!)

jared (look at that flawless form!)


your 7th favorite blogger

mother rene

& father alan.

{& yes, you can thank me for that quick,
& perhaps unnecessary, series of bum shots}.

during those two hours we all spent at the lanes,
there were moments of intense concentration & focus:

& other times when we took food breaks:

there were moments of joy, & happiness: that one time mom randomly
bowled a strike:

& there were moments of chilling:

there were moments, every time mom bowled,
that we watched her nearly fall over:

& then there were moments when we watched 
sheer, pure bowling talent unfold................... the lanes around us.

like the guy in the lane to the left of us 
who bowled seven strikes in a row
& then broke his streak with--dare
i say it--a spare (do you see his 
screen  there on the bottom left?):

or the kids to the right of us that had their
own bowling shoes & balls that they
rolled in in these really nice-looking bags:

& while i might not reveal *sniff* who won,
*sniff sniff* let me just say that we whipples
definitely think a rematch to defend the
family honor is in order. :)

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