Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shake shack shelebrate.

lately the conversations between husband & your
8th favorite blogger have gone something like this:

8th favorite blogger: oh husband dearest, my #1 royal
 hotness, wouldst thou like to sit very close to me on 
this couch & partake in a viewing of what about bob?

husband: ummm...i actually kinda need to study...


8th favorite blogger: oh my sweet, my dear reeses 
christmas tree, my lovely angel of music, how about a 
trip over to 5th avenue to view the grandeur that is
the christmas window displays?

husband: it really does sound fun, but...i need to
study. & speaking of reeses christmas trees, you've
eaten three in a row now. do you think you should
stop soon? 


8th favorite blogger: oh my #1 lover, best husband
ever, & favorite person, wouldst thou appreciate a 
back massage from me, your #1 lover, best wife
ever, favorite person, & 8th favorite blogger?

husband: sounds great! as long as i can 
keep studying while you massage........?

*ahem* so. you can see that there has been a
lotttt of studying going on around here by a
certain someone preparing for some exceptionally
difficult finals & qualifying exams coming up. so
you can imagine the absolute joy of BOTH of us
as husband successfully completed his first final
today. our joy was so overflowing, in fact, that
nothing less than a trip to shake shack would do.

{don't these december custard flavors look delightful?
tonight was a christmas cookie night for me!}

it was a freeeeeeezing new york 
city night. just absolutely bitter cold.
luckily we went to a shake shack
that had indoor seating.

& mr. finals-finisher himself with
his well-deserved hunk of meat:

& mr. finals-finisher wearing the new members only 
jacket his 8th favorite blogger got him for christmas!
.........okay, okay, so we sometimes believe in 
early christmas presents around these parts. :)

have a good night!

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