Sunday, December 11, 2011

thumbs up for christmas.

i don't know how it happened, but somehow i'm
leaving for my parents' house in less than a week
& then it's wedding preparation time & then
it's my sister's wedding & then it's christmas
& then we come back to new york & then
it's new years. december is going by so fast,
you guys. & the days around here are getting
busier & busier. especially the weekends. i feel
like there's still so many holiday things around
new york city that i want to do & now we've
almost run out of time!...until i remember that
we're going to be here in the city for at least
five more years. that helps soften the blow a bit.

happenings around the city:
waiting for the subway
post-ward christmas party,

waiting for the subway pre-"white" birthday 
party (everyone was asked to wear white.
have you ever been to a party like that?
it was fun! there was an amazing sense of
unity & identity among the partygoers. 
which i guess is a good thing, right? :)

on a funny & cute side note, i get to be around a
bunch of adorable & hilarious little kids every week
at church, & i today i was up in front of them &
shouted said, "if you're excited for christmas,
give me a big thumbs up!" & LET ME TELL YOU
there was not one single child in there whose 
thumb was not proudly shooting straight up in
the air for all to see. it was just such a dream.

all in all, our weekend was busy, bustling, &
filled with tiny, child-like thumbs of holiday
cheer. christmas is coming soooooo soon!


  1. shiz you are looking GOOD girl! so chic and pretty. you are basically famous, going to all white parties now. so nyc!

  2. homegirl thanks so muuuuch! so nice of you to say!



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