Thursday, December 15, 2011

'twas the night before flying home...

tonight i was running around kind of crazy-like
packing for the trip home {which starts tomorrow, 
6:30 am sharp!}, making packing lists, happily
crossing things off the list once i put it in the
suitcase {don't you love crossing things off 
lists you made? i do.}, & loving husband even
more for scurrying down to rite aid & picking
up this special edition gem:

peppermint bark? sooooo good.
peppermint bark ice cream? even. better.

want to hear my two cents? for free?
grab two spoons, sit real close to each
other on the couch, & share this ice cream 
with a side of the latest republican debate.
notice ron paul's eyebrows, point out how it seems 
like senator bachmann is wearing VERY MUCH
makeup, & comment every so often on how mitt 
romney is actually pretty dang good-looking.
then quickly turn to your husband/ice cream 
sharing partner & remind him that you still think 
he is very good-looking too.

& that, my friends, is how to have 
a successful night of packing.

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