Thursday, December 29, 2011

wednesday night thoughts.

i promise i'll make this quick.

it's just that i fall in love with this guy more & more every day.
i mean, look at how hard he studies away! & that tuft of
hair at the back of his head that just won't stay down sometimes!
my heart just flutters. 
husband dances at wedding receptions (even
though i know it's maybe not his favorite thing in the world),
carries my luggage instead of his because my bags are heavier,
sings along with me to feist while we clean the apartment,
& if i'm sleeping on the plane when the flight attendants 
come around, he makes sure to ask for peanuts & 
ginger ale for me to have when i wake up.  
...& i swear his eyes are bluer than the day we first met.
so even though we're both got our mistakes, & our
things that so aren't perfect, being married to him
forever & ever is the best idea i could ever dream of.

okay, i'm done now.

have a good night!

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