Sunday, December 4, 2011

weekend discoveries.

husband & i had a busy weekend full of playing
cello at a christmas concert-ing (by husband), 
being in awe of our sunday dinner hosts from
start to finish-ing, choir practicing, potluck 
dinner-ing, lost-voice-coughing-sneezing-
SICK-ing (by both of us...i guess that's what
you get when you live together? p.s...husband
& i live together. scandalous, i know.), catching 
the subway at a construction site-ing (see below),

insanely wonderfully long jogs in central park while
getting kind of lost-ing (by your 7th favorite blogger,
of course...husband never gets lost, remember?), 
physics tutoring (yeah...definitely by husband on this one), 
baby showering (by your 7th favorite blogger), 
rockefeller center-ing, jumping (see below),

& last but (certainly) not least, & arguably the most
important thing husband & i did this weekend: 
realizing we are standing exactly the same way in
pictures from two different days this weekend, 
at two different locations, 

 have a great night!

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