Saturday, December 31, 2011

what are we NOT doing new year's eve?

so...i come from a long line of people who keep things chillllll on new year's eve. i'm talking pj's from 7 pm straight on 'til morning,  some sort of die-hard, intense movie marathon happening (the bourne-ies,  lord of the rings, star wars, you get the idea!), & maybe, just maybe, some sparkling cider will be popped open as an afterthought. but seeing as this new year's is our first one as husband & wife, we agreed we kinda wanted to do a little something to make it a bit more memorable.

to kick off the evening? a trip to see the movie new year's eve...of course. you know, that one with THREE THOUSAND movie stars in it:

while husband & i had a great time providing our own humorous (of course) movie commentaries with each other, we both admitted afterwards that it was a pretty fun flick. plus it was so crazy watching this movie that takes place in new york city & remembering that there.

sour patch kids never hurt, either.

after the movie we decided to skip the subway in favor of walking home. a 30 block stroll with the lover? easy.

even where we were (about 50 blocks away from the times square madness) there were soooo many people completely decked out in the 2012 hats & glasses (you know the ones i'm talking about!). plus, there's always something to stop & snap pictures of when you walk down those nyc streets:

p.s. recognize this place? i've never mentioned this before, but it's only two blocks from our house!:

....& when i say we walked home, what i really meant was stop off for some new year's eve pizza first:

we were going to do the whole times square thing this year, but husband's got that blasted big test coming up in just a few days that kind of determines his whole future soooo...we figured next year will do. we're going the homemade route come midnight this year, with rented movies, ryan seacrest's dick clark's the new year's eve times square thing on tv, a big kiss, &, of course, sparkling cider & egg nog.

here's wishing you a happy new year! let's hear it for 2012!


  1. sounds exactly like our new years eve:) except your pizza slices look way better then out Italian slice we got tonight!! next year we will be in time square!

  2. Love the photos Shayla! I went to New Year's Eve in Provo and experienced a wave of New York-love. I couldn't wait to get back. Happy New Year!



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