Tuesday, January 31, 2012

victorian science fiction, yo.

check off the first day of class 
for your seventh favorite blogger 
as she presents to you her repertoire
of faces in a messy entryway!!:

the crazy eye:

the city university crouch-y:

the no look:

one day down!.......
several, SEVERAL more to go. :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

case of the mondays.

some days you have your trips to museums,
music concerts, or fun restaurants...
& other days you have piles. big piles. namely,
big piles of dishes in the sink that desperately need to 
be washed (hand-washed, no less! here's a spoiler
alert for ya: there is NO dishwasher in our apartment.
welcome to new york city, where 85% [okay, that's
a guess] of residents wash their dishes by hand!)...

...& big piles of laundry that desperately need 
to be washed, folded, & put away.

*sigh* playtime the weekend is officially 
over, & now it's back to work!...
no, really, classes start tomorrow!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

moma moments.

last night husband & i took total advantage
of the whole friday-nights-are-free thing at
moma [check out the last time we went] &
it was glorious. the funny thing is, we've
gone two separate times now, for several
hours each trip, & we STILL HAVE NOT
seen everything in thar that thar there is to see
(sorry, i'm typing this out while watching o
brother where art thou at the same time. 
you understand. in a related note, if i could
speak like ulysses everett mcgill the rest of 
my life, i would die an exceptionally happy
woman girl housewife person.).
we did, however, see things like this:

oh em gee oh em gee. a big thank-you to
pretty much every humanities class i ever
took in college for helping me understand
what jackson pollock is all about:

& what an unfortunate moment for this
be-hatted friend to step into the picture:

any of you long, LONG time readers
of you? me. me? you. will recognize this 
painting & its significance...hopefully?
isn't it just kinda fun? so happy to see
it in real life! thanks, roy lichtenstein.

& a few for all you warholics out there
[there were a bunch of people viewing
this marilyn goldie, so it was kind of awkward
to walk out in front of everyone & snap a picture.
hence...my awkward pose. sorry?]:

& there was this painting that had a built-in mirror:

& i couldn't help but love this. "turpitude."
what a great word. i'm sure he says it
sometime in the movie.


moma elevator-ing:

the evening ended with a trip to little caesars...
our very first here in nyc! can you believe it?
the little caesars nearest to us always seemed
just a little too far away for our comfort...
but we missed that $5 pizza so, so much. those
few extra blocks of walking were totally worth it.

have a great night!

Friday, January 27, 2012

roommate fun.

so...after you get married it's like you have this new roommate for the rest of your life, right? so when ben husband & i first started the whole being-eternal-roommates thing, we couldn't help but notice in each other little personal hygiene habits & idiosyncrasies that we didn't know about when we were just wee dating lads.

the other night i was thinking about this again & asked husband, "since being married, what sorts of funny little things do i do that you've noticed?" & from that question, my friends, came a whole slew of priceless answers.

husband's responses, in list form (& i directly quote):

1. "you have an extremely precise & undeviating order of how you get ready for bed every night." [okay, okay, this one is true. i do have a crazy strict pattern of brushing teeth, washing face, removing makeup, etc. etc., that i stick to EVERY SINGLE NIGHT {p.s. husband doesn't usually talk this way :)}].

2. "okay, so, the toaster has to be put back on the shelf facing the SAME WAY every single time. one time i put the toaster in facing the wrong way & you came later & turned it around." [okay, i only VAGUELY remember doing this. :)] the cardboard box is so toast crumbs don't get everywhere. i felt like i needed to explain that.

3. "your shirts have to be folded in this really precise way, with the logo facing out, EVERY TIME." [again, true. maximizing space while maintaining shirt visibility, am i right?!]

4. "you prefer to eat everything in a bowl rather than a plate whenever possible" [husband's a big plate user].

5. "it took me a while to get used to the, uh, colorful language & fervent ways you protest getting up in the morning." [oops! moving on!]

6. & finally, "the soap dispenser in the bathroom always needs to be in that one particular spot" [okay, YEAH, of course it does!]

anyways, after this series of responses the tables were turned, & husband asked ME what funny little idiosyncrasies i've noticed in HIM!

my responses, in list form (and i quote):

1. "you wash your hands after EVERYTHING!" [he really does! when we get home from riding the subway, when we get home from church, when he gets home from school...basically when he gets home from everything!...i guess it's a pretty good thing to do?]

2. "you have a very vigorous flossing routine & you floss in the most unique way i've ever seen!." [i've never seen anyone floss the way husband does! i would have a hard time  even explaining how he actually does it. but it leaves me fascinated.]

3. "you use a knife to eat everything!" [he's converted me. i used to only use a fork when eating things like pasta & rice. now i see the beauty of using the fork AND the knife. what was i thinking?!]

4. oh, the paper towels. husband tries not to use full paper towels, so he rips off little pieces at a time. i know husband has been around when i see this:

for those of you who are married, do you notice any funny little habits your spouse has? i'd love to know! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

little mud pig.

this little piggy...was scared of the mud.
so her owners outfitted her in little green
wellies, of course. don't you just love 
her? read more here.

...of course, this article is from 2008, so
this little piggy  might be a full-grown
sow by now, which might not necessarily
be as cute, but...still.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

and...BINGO...DIIINO b-b-q!

10 points if you can guess what movie this (slightly
modified) blog post title comes from!
(here's one more clue...can you say olllllld SCHOOL!)

anyways, remember earlier today when i
mentioned that, my sickness notwithstanding,
husband & i were 7/8 positive we'd be
heading out for some barbecue tonight?
...no? well, have no fear, because it
came true. we DID go out for barbecue
tonight...a little celebration dinner for
mr. big-scary-test-passer husband!

tonight we decided to try out dinosaur bbq 
up in harlem. it's SO good playing the
buddy system game with husband...in
harlem...at night...heading to a restaurant
 situated under a very long & dark bridge...
but! adventurous location notwithstanding
(who would've thought i'd use the word
"notwithstanding" not once, but twice,
in a blog post about barbecue?), we made
it to dino bbq safely, & even smelled
the bar-b-que LONG before we actually
walked inside the joint.

now, husband & i consider ourselves
pretty seasoned bar-b-que restaurant
goers, but tonight at dino we were
surprised even again at HOW MUCH
food we actually got served
...& how absolutely, completely,
utterly, & devastatingly full we got.

on another note, i feel like the 
quality of these cell phone pictures 
is particularly bad and i'm not quite 
sure why...it was dark in the dino? 
so. my apologies.

our "appetizer" that could have safely
been a main course at most other restaurants
(for some reason i feel like these pictures
don't do the food justice. there was SO MUCH): 


husband & i are big fans of
sharing dishes at restaurants,
so, with that in mind, here was
our main-y: lots & lots of
ribs & FOUR side dishes...
let's just say that after the chili
"appetizer," we hardly made
a dent in any of this food. but
please don't be disappointed in 
us...we're already disappointed
enough in ourselves.


moral of the story, folks, is that dino bbq has 
definitely become one of our new favorites.
...& that we also love a good reason to celebrate.

a few more web gems from the treasure box.

i am siiiiiiiicky sick little tuna today.
it snowed one day, ONE DAY,
& then i woke up the next day
& my life changed forever.
...okay, well, i might be exaggerating
just a little bit. i have a cold but
it's certainly no fun. BUT (& this
is a big but) i hope that won't
stop the mr. & mrs. from trying
out a new barbecue place tonight!
so. we'll see. in the meantime,
i stumbled across a couple more
fun sites on this here interweb
you might possibly consider
maybe enjoying.

a blog that collects pictures of
those little, little moments you
almost forget about...but then
they turn into the best pictures
of all! seriously joyous candids.
what a fun little site.

lately husband & i have been
getting into documentaries.
here, a list of ten great
documentaries from the maven
of basically everything. all ten
are definitely shooting up to the
top of our must-watch list. 
don't some of them look great?!

and finally, such a different &
refreshing post from one of the
millions of fashion blogs out there
who make you feel like you
need to look perfect every day!.
i feel the way she feels sooooo
often. THANK YOU sydney
from the daybook!

...definitely some good sick day reading.
have a good day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

weddings & couples.

i love me some good wedding photos.
what i love even better is when the photos
are from photographers who manage to
come up with completely fresh & creative ideas
to make the wedding feel like a work of art.

case in point: this shoot from ben blood
(found via). i love how he captures such cute little
details, & that lighting! it's gorrrrgeous.
plus it was shot in my little hometown
of seattle!

another fun thing i found here?
matchy-matchy couples. it would
be so fun to dress a little matching
for a date! enjoy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

our weekend: the good, the bad, & the ugly.

what a wonderful weekend we had!
husband got the results back from those
cray cray big tests he had last week. AND...
he passed!! is that great news or what? now
he has a bit more time on his hands &
never EVER has to take those buggin' tests 
again. such a relief. what else was our
weekend full of, you might ask?

the good:

{a card i'm sending to a friend in taiwan}:

{the chinese new year party at our church. i
LOVE living in a place that is full of chinese 
people that celebrate chinese new year!
it is such a fun, fun holiday. it wasn't until i lived 
in taiwan that i realize what a huge deal it is. 
so when i found out the chinese
members of our church put on a big party,
well, my heart was warmed.}:

{& me proudly displaying my
taiwanese pride at said chinese party}:

the bad:

{checking out the "banned books" section 
at strand. the funny thing is that husband & i 
have both read a LOT of the books 
in that section. oh well.}:

& the ugly:

{a pillow i saw at marshall's. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

strand-y strand.

so...you might know that husband & i sure love our 
bookstores. that being said, tonight we checked out 
that heavy hitter of the nyc bookstore world strand.
i feel pretty safe saying it might just have every book
one could ever imagine.

strand boasts 18 miles of books...which is a lot.
but after being there tonight, i'm a believer. they
had books from every. single. genre. imaginable. 
it was all kind of overwhelming, actually.

but let's get real, people. i mean, the
only reason i ever read books is so that
i can look smart on places like the train:

we had a great time taking pictures
just wandering our little hearts out
all over that huge bookstore. &
feeling very overwhelmed by how
many books we still need to read
in our lifetimes, naturally.

all in all, folks, we loved strand. in closing,
please notice that the picture directly above
tells you the #1 book to read if you want to have
nightmares. thanks, strand, for making all
our dreams come true.


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