Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: the year in review.

this was a banner year for us over here at you? me. me? you.
seriously, SO MUCH happened in the whirlwind that was 2011.

so let's get started.

in january i had that concussion, remember?
so awful & random & unexpected. 

in february husband fiance & i went to visit his parents
in southern CA. it was a fun trip & we had a great time...
& going to the wax museum didn't hurt things ONE BIT.

in february we also celebrated husband's fiance's big 24th year of being alive!

in march i was pretty dang bogged down with homework...
for some reason i remember that quite distinctly. but that's not
exciting at all. it's actually pretty depressing. i did, however, 
take enough time away from hw to head out to oregon 
for the first of many whipple weddings of the year, this
one featuring lauren & andrew!

(stole this from facebook, i hope that's 
okay  with everyone, hi & bye :)

(there was also great wedding reception dancing...
why do i feel like shoes ALWAYS come off at
wedding receptions?...maybe it's just us.)

it was around the march/april period that husband fiance 
& i sent out these gems of a wedding invite:

in april husband fiance & i OFFICIALLY made
it official that we were moving to new york city after
graduation for husband to start working on a
phd at columbia. it was a huge & really tough decision
to make, so we were both RELIEVED to finally make
it, well, OFFICIAL. 

so something really exciting happened in may, & that
exciting thing is that i married this hottie mchotterson-pants:

{is this a model shot or what? hilarious.}

it was just the best day ever, & it all definitely went by
way too fast. i wish i could rewind & do the whole day 
all over again...the photos, the family, the dancing, the flowers,
all of it. welllll...i would maybe have tried to eat more. we were
starving by the end of the night. & i maybe would have tried to 
stay one minute longer in that fun dress. oh well. next time. wait...

it was also around this time that we had a baby. 

just kidding.

but speaking of, you know, having babies, we did skip town
almost literally right after our wedding reception to hit up
florida for a dreamy, week-long honeymoon.

& then, let's see. those summer months had us attending family reunions,
some pretty intense bottleship competish (remember that band 
husband was in?), & the third whipple wedding of the year:

(with great dancing)

we also did some southern utah hiking,

jumped off bridges (i was kind of scared & the water
was the most freezing water i've ever been in so i feel
a great sense of accomplishment & therefore wanted
to mention it. plus it's a good memory with a great friend),

welcomed 2 new bikes into the family,

saw provo completely transformed into one giant 4th of july eve party,

& i had my last class of byu EVER (remember?
standing in the dirt & NO OPENING EYES):

& then came that time we graduated from byu.
 & the whole family came to town! husband's too!

& then came SPAIN:

(read about spain adventures here, here, maybe even here).

& then, finally, after some horrendous traveling
(& the birthday of your 8th favorite blogger somewhere in there),

we arrived in that final of all final destinations, also known as
the big apple, also known as our home for the next several
years, also known as new york city.

these fall months have been a breeze of fresh air.
we've been occupying wall street (just, you know,
looking. not participating.), finding out what
produce item new yorkers love the most, watching
the little sis become an engaged person, celebrating
six months of marriage, exploring
ikea in brooklyn, checking out carnegie hall, & of
course digging into some serious new york city food:


(oh yeah. something else that happened in 2011? husband's hair
{we're talking on top of head AND facial} sometimes got super long).

thanksgiving found us in feasting in boston,
& christmas found us in seattle a-celebratin'
little hannah banana's wedding.

we welcomed a new camera into the family,

& crossed the great waters to visit grandma & grandpa:

so that, in an actually much-longer-than-i-thought-it-
would-be blog post, was our 2011. i hope all of this was
as exhausting for you to read as it was for me to make. 
it catches you three readers up all the way to this very night, 
which finds husband & i returned from dinner with friends 
& in the middle of star wars episode V on tv. we are
drinking egg nog with sprite (please try it. it is worth it)
 & i am quoting lots & lots of star wars lines to 
husband, but he claims i only know the lines because 
i'm reading the subtitles on the tv screen. so.
we'll see how this night goes. :)

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