Thursday, January 5, 2012

about how i'm accepted scholastically, if not socially.

so...i have a secret. & that secret is...that sometimes i keep secrets. yes, folks, i have been keeping a secret for many weeks now, a secret that only a handful of people around me have known. & that secret was that i applied to grad school. i applied wayyyyy back in november (for some reason it feels like it was really long ago) & we've just been waiting around here for what seems like forever to hear back from them. the "them" in this case being the folks over at city university of new york.

well today, i am very, VERY pleased to announce, we finally heard back from them. (don't i sound like such a married person? dropping that "we" all over the place.) finally!

& the verdict?

well...i'll let the computer speak for itself:

{perhaps the most photo-worthy pictures i've ever taken.}

i am BEYOND excited. chasing a master's program in  grad school has been a long-time (albeit sometimes secret :) dream of mine. & now it's finally here upon me & i can  hardly believe it. so, yeah, we're a little excited around here tonight. this is news DEFINITELY worth of a reese's heart or two (you know the ones i'm talking about? the extra big reese's that come out around various holidays? those make my life complete.) 

in closing, i couldn't help but love the name of the page my application letter came on. "decision." it's so very, you know, cue the intense music! those literature people sure have a flair for the dramatic!

have a happy night!
we (there i go again with the "we") sure will!

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