Tuesday, January 24, 2012

and...BINGO...DIIINO b-b-q!

10 points if you can guess what movie this (slightly
modified) blog post title comes from!
(here's one more clue...can you say olllllld SCHOOL!)

anyways, remember earlier today when i
mentioned that, my sickness notwithstanding,
husband & i were 7/8 positive we'd be
heading out for some barbecue tonight?
...no? well, have no fear, because it
came true. we DID go out for barbecue
tonight...a little celebration dinner for
mr. big-scary-test-passer husband!

tonight we decided to try out dinosaur bbq 
up in harlem. it's SO good playing the
buddy system game with husband...in
harlem...at night...heading to a restaurant
 situated under a very long & dark bridge...
but! adventurous location notwithstanding
(who would've thought i'd use the word
"notwithstanding" not once, but twice,
in a blog post about barbecue?), we made
it to dino bbq safely, & even smelled
the bar-b-que LONG before we actually
walked inside the joint.

now, husband & i consider ourselves
pretty seasoned bar-b-que restaurant
goers, but tonight at dino we were
surprised even again at HOW MUCH
food we actually got served
...& how absolutely, completely,
utterly, & devastatingly full we got.

on another note, i feel like the 
quality of these cell phone pictures 
is particularly bad and i'm not quite 
sure why...it was dark in the dino? 
so. my apologies.

our "appetizer" that could have safely
been a main course at most other restaurants
(for some reason i feel like these pictures
don't do the food justice. there was SO MUCH): 


husband & i are big fans of
sharing dishes at restaurants,
so, with that in mind, here was
our main-y: lots & lots of
ribs & FOUR side dishes...
let's just say that after the chili
"appetizer," we hardly made
a dent in any of this food. but
please don't be disappointed in 
us...we're already disappointed
enough in ourselves.


moral of the story, folks, is that dino bbq has 
definitely become one of our new favorites.
...& that we also love a good reason to celebrate.

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